Who is Knonie?

Knonie on Andy Warhol

Knonie |nō-nē|
1. A multi-facet idea or form (physical or non-physical) that exists in a space containing more than three dimensions. Its appearance to any viewer entirely depends on the current state of the viewer himself. e.g. A perfect cube to someone might look like a fast moving carousel to other. These forms offer so much variety that it is believed that no sight is ever repeated.

2. Something that is considered vague, but appears to be precisely clear and logical when viewed from some other state of mind.

3. A person of such kind.

I’m a person, who’s unique, just like everyone else.

I like to make mistakes,
And sometimes, the same mistakes again and again, just to see if I get some different results.

I like to explore the mysteries around, I love to learn, by observing, experimenting, and from the experiences of other people.

I don’t fear losing.
I lose–I learn.
I lose again–I learn more.

I practice truth. I feel discomfort in the presence of lies and liars.

I like various art forms, including music and visual arts.
Arts keep you alive.

Human is my favorite subject.
Divinity is something I want to specialize.

Peace is my Religion.