Jun 30 2011

Collection of Orkut Testimonials I have written to my friends in 2004-2006

Posted by Knonie

Dushman har koi--Sajjan koi koi. [So many enemies-- So fewer friends]Back during 2004-2006, I used Orkut, one of the social networking communities, and had a wonderful social networking experience. During that I even come to know many new nice people. Orkut profiles offered a place where friends can write testimonials about you.

Followed here are the testimonials I have written to my friends during that time. Read below and you’ll see how nice friends I have. It also tells a bit about my personality…

AmmO: (2/4/2006)

My Little Sis… My Childhood friend… Bachpan ki dost.

We talk a lot, discuss a lot, and share a lot. Ghar mein sab say ziada mairi issi say tou banti hai. We even use each other’s jackets and tops.

We converse about Books, Music, Movies, Psychology, Philosophy, Government, Culture, Behaviours, Trends, Medical, Science, Arts, Technology, Boys & Girls… and what not!

She’s a nice person… Peaceful at heart… Sensible, Sincere and a bit naively Innocent.

She’s imaginative as well as pragmatic in her approach towards life.

Always wishing her the best of everything!

Love You!

Shuja Ahmad: (2/10/2006)

Shuja is one of the loveliest people I know.

My little friend…
My Rocky…
My younger brother…
My cute cuddly teddy…

I sometimes complain why God has sent me on Earth so many years earlier, otherwise, we both must be sharing PS2, talking about our favourite wrestling stars, or simply playing with pet doggies. Even having some considerable age difference, he’s a great companion. He shares so many things with me… we discuss about various stuff and enjoy a lot.

We both like Chocolates & Sweets; we both don’t like Pokémon… that’s why, we both are cool!!!

I really love his way of talking… so sweet. His innocent ways and straight-forward style of saying things is another trait I admire. This person really makes me happy. Sometimes he laughs, in fact, laughs out loud at some little joke I crack, and that’s the best part.

And in the end, a prayer that may God always keep you in His special protection, and may you always smile!!!

Fawad Raza: (7/8/2006)

My sweet cousin…

Soft natured, friendly attitude… A loving person.

Being my family member, I know him quite closely. We were good friends when we were young, but now, we are buddies.

This person is full of fun… always having interesting stories to share.

And yes, he’s a music freak. His choice is superb… great classical Rock… Continue reading