Oct 25 2010

A “Gooner” Tee that I designed and painted

Posted by Knonie

I wanted to present a Tee to my friend on his birthday, and since he’s more into Soccer supporting Arsenal-The Gunners, I thought I should make some design related to that. I selected the word “Gooner” for my design. Just in case you don’t know, the supporters and fans of Arsenal Football Club are called “Gooner“.

This is the initial Photoshop version of the design:

Gooner- Photoshop Design

Here’s the finished painted Tee:

Gooner Tee, Hand painted

And the print from another angle to show details:

Gooner Tee, Hand painted

I used white fabric-paint to paint this, and the real Copper powder is then sprinkled over it when it was wet, making those metal particles to stick and giving a grungy textured look.

Oct 13 2010

Illuminating Tee Shirt that listens to your music…

Posted by Knonie

Recently, I got an EL T-Shirt. In case this EL [Electroluminescence] is something unfamiliar to you, consider it something that emits light, using some power. These days, it’s also used on fancy T-shirts, that turns on and off depending on the external sounds.

Here’s a short video I shot wearing this Tee shirt:

This Tee also has a small device attached inside, that uses dry-cell batteries to provide power to the front panel. It also has an on/off switch and sound-sensitivity knob on that box. This device can be removed from the fabric, along with the front design which is attached by velcro, so it can be washed. In Pakistan, a custom printing brand call Now Tees has launched few EL Tees which can be bought by visiting their local outlets or by ordering online, for delivery in Pakistan-only.