Sep 24 2011

Shortest short-story…

Posted by Knonie

The shortest short-story [supposedly] by Ernest Hemingway:
“For Sale: Baby shoes, never worn.”

Baby shoes, Photo © Knonie

Jul 21 2011

Private Property: Do Not Cross! – An illustrated short-story

Posted by Knonie
I wrote this short story in November 2010. It’s somewhat incomplete but I didn’t feel like completing it so I’m sharing it here. I designed some images to go with this story, which are also shared below.

Illustration "Private Property", © Knonie

I am a small bird. I’m not a small bird. I’m a fully grownup bird, but for you I’m a small bird. For me, Humans are so big, so big and so different from each other. I wanted to see what they do all day, how they gather food, how they live in safe places, and all the other things I cannot do. So I flew, leaving my nest, towards a city of Humans.

Illustration "Private Property", © Knonie

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