Oct 21 2011

Face sculpture made from old newspapers

Posted by Knonie

Working with paper is interesting, and during the time I was experimenting for creating different paper surfaces and textures by various treatments, I thought about making a face using old newspaper. I used a face I made from Plaster of Paris as a guide, and using strips of paper and glue, formed an embossed face. Some other treatments like applying tea, golden water-based colors, etc. were then applied to enhance the look. I might make such thing in a bit larger size someday. Currently that one is about 6 inches in height.

Click images to open in a light-box for larger version.

Newspaper Face, ©KnonieNewspaper Face, ©KnonieNewspaper Face, ©KnonieNewspaper Face, ©Knonie

Nov 24 2010

“You” – Few lines

Posted by Knonie
Miniature replica of David by Michelangelo

Miniature replica of David by Michelangelo

Oh, the way I look at you
With admiration and desire
You’re just too perfect
David of Michelangelo
Carved in white marble.
I will worship you
’till I become marble.

©2010, Knonie.