Jun 26 2011

Quran is not read and understood. It is simply [mis]quoted….

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"Islam is Cool". We disapprove false interpretations and misquoting of religions

“Reading the Quran is far easier said than done. So instead of actually being read, it’s usually simply quoted. The Quranic quotations tend to be highly selective and out of context. In other words, they are not really quotations at all—they are misquotations. And it’s not only non Muslims who do this. The people who use Quran this way are both Muslims and non Muslims, i.e Conservative Islamists and Conservative Islamophobes. Both groups use, what I call, The Highlighter Version of the Quran. Feeding each other the same out-of-context quotes, reinforcing each others prejudices and extremism to the extent of the highlighter version often includes phrases that simply aren’t there.

So fundamentalist Muslims and non Muslims conservatives are basically partners in stereotyping of Islam as violent and extremist.”

— Lesley Hazleton, delivering a lecture at Islamic Center of America.

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Mar 10 2011

A serious misconception about tomb of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH]

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Most of us are familiar with the photo below:

Rauza-e-Rusool-Fake photo

Rauza-e-Rusool-Fake photo

It is usually shared via forward emails, and you can even see its print hanging in few homes and shops for blessings. The caption on that photo claims it to be a photo of the Tomb of Prophet Muhammad [P.B.U.H].

This is actually a photo of the tomb of Mevlana Jalal Uddin Rumi, the great Mystic Poet, located in Konya, Turkey. You can see the photo below taken from slightly different angle.

”]Rumi Tomb in Konya [©tariqahalkaamilah.com]For further verification, you can use Google image search [or any other], and look for the photos of “Rumi Tomb”.

Always try to avoid believing and spreading anything without authentication.

Jan 15 2011

Na kehnay wali batain- An Urdu Article

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Jan 13 2011

A Strange Prayer… [Urdu]

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A strange prayer...

Jan 8 2011

An excerpt from Jinnah’s speech delivered just 3 days before the creation of Pakistan

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Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, a statesman and founder of Pakistan, delivered a speech to the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan on August 11, 1947. In that speech, he described his idea of a state they are going to establish. Mr. Jinnah passed away and his ideas forgotten.


© Hasnat Mehmood

“You are free; you are free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or to any other place of worship in this State of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or caste or creed that has nothing to do with the business of the State. […] We are starting in the days where there is no discrimination, no distinction between one community and another, no discrimination between one caste or creed and another. We are starting with this fundamental principle that we are all citizens and equal citizens of one State. […]

[Y]ou will find that in course of time, Hindus would cease to be Hindus and Muslims would cease to be Muslims, not in the religious sense, because that is the personal faith of each individual, but in the political sense as citizens of the State.”

Source: Dawn, Independence Day Supplement, August 14, 1999.
Transcribed from printed copy by Shehzaad Nakhoda

Dec 13 2010

Who ate the third loaf of bread? A tale from Jesus

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This spiritual tale is related to Jesus, and it contains a moral about the concept of life of this World.

It is beautifully designed by Abobakr Mohammed. Video uses animated type style usually called Kinetic Typography. It’s a treat for your eyes and mind.

Sep 9 2010

The Shepherd’s Prayer

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Moses saw a shepherd on the way, crying,
“O Lord… Where are You, that I may serve You and sew Your shoes and comb Your hair?

That I may wash Your clothes and kill Your lice and bring milk to You,
O worshipful One: That I may kiss Your little hand and rub Your little feet and sweep Your little room at bed-time.”

On hearing these foolish words, Moses said, “Man, to whom are you speaking?
What babble! What blasphemy and raving!
Stuff some cotton into your mouth!
… the High God is not in want of suchlike service.”

The shepherd rent his garment, heaved a sigh, and took his way to the wilderness.

Then came to Moses a Revelation: “You have separated My servant from Me.
Were you sent as a prophet to unite, or were you sent to divide?

I have bestowed on every one a particular mode of worship, I have given every one a peculiar form of expression.
The idiom of Hindustan is excellent for Hindus; the idiom of Sind is excellent for the people of Sind.

I look not at tongue and speech, I look at the spirit and the inward feeling.

I look into the heart to see whether it be lowly [humble], though the words uttered be not lowly. Enough of phrases and conceits and metaphors!

I want burning, burning: become familiar with that burning!
Light up a fire of love in thy soul, burn all thought and expression away!

O Moses, they that know the conventions are of one sort, they whose souls burn are of another.”

The religion of love is apart from all religions. The lovers of God have no religion but God alone.

From the book “Rumi, Poet and Mystic, a selection of his writings“,
Translated from the Persian by Reynolds A. Nicholson.
[Slightly abridged by me to make it more easy to understand]

Knonie, holding the book "Rumi, Poet and Mystic" by Reynolds A. Nicholson

Knonie, holding the book "Rumi, Poet and Mystic" by Reynolds A. Nicholson

Interested in this book?
Check out further details:
Rumi: Poet and Mystic (1207-1273 : Selections from His Writings Translated from the Persian With Introduction and Notes)