Nov 21 2011

“I Work For Pot” Poster

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I work for pot Poster. © knonie

May 14 2011

Some posters I designed with my new Levi’s 519 skinny jeans

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Being an admirer of Levi’s denim, I photographed my new Levi’s 519 Skinny Jeans [more details at the bottom], and then arranged those photos as posters displayed below.

Levi's 519 skinny tapered jeans poster
Levi's 519 skinny tapered jeans knonie
Levi's 519 skinny tapered knonie

Further details:

I recently bought the new cut from Levi’s, categorized as 519 Skinny Tapered. It’s more like 511 Skinny, except the leg is relatively more tapered giving it an even more slim feel. I opted for the one having some real heavy finish that consists mainly of abrasion marks, that gives it a worn out and natural feel. It is manufactured in China.

This item is totally chic and recommended especially for a crisp slim look. It can be worn with regular canvas sneakers or high ankle cowboy boots, or depends on your style. This item is available from Levi’s Store Pakistan for Rs.7590.

[The camera used is Sony NEX-3]

Apr 22 2011

Nothing is impossible for Humans…

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Nothing is impossible for Humans
Nothing is impossible for Us
Nothing is impossible for You
Nothing is impossible for Me.


If you want to see something done, just tell some human beings it can’t be done.

Make it known that it’s impossible to fly to the  moon, or run a hundred meters in nine-point-nine seconds, or solve Fermat’s Last Theorem.

Remind the world that no one has ever hit sixty-two home runs in a season, Or stuffed 18 people into a Volkswagen BugSet half the world free Or cloned a sheep.

Dangle the undoable in front of the world. Then consider it done.

– [A Merrill Lynch advertisement]