May 25 2010

PAC-MAN is permanent on Google! Play it free!!!

Posted by Knonie

Now you can play Google’s exclusive Free PAC-MAN online on this URL:

Google is so kind to offer it here on PAC-MAN’s 30th anniversary.

Google Rocks!!!


May 22 2010

Pacman is 30 years old, and Google is happy about it

Posted by Knonie

So, when the old school Pacman turned 30 this day, Google celebrated it in the form of an interactive doodle…

The “I’m feeling lucky” button has been changed to “Insert Coin”

It’s a Google’s version of Pacman, having the maze making the word “Google” in it.

I’m attaching a screenshot of it, in case Google replace it again with the regular logo. Click to enlarge.

Google Pacman