Jul 26 2010

Octopus Paul is a Star… But Bad-Grammar is even more interesting…

Posted by Knonie

Ever since those correct predictions made by that eight-armed mollusk created a hype during this FIFA 2010 World Cup, octopus Paul has become a kind of pop icon.

Coming to Facebook, the presence of Paul can be seen in the form of many third-party applications.
Let me share two of my observations as screen-shots.

See this [Click to enlarge]:Octopus Paul App on Facebook

Just check the Grammar of the developers…
What did Octopus Paul predicted for you?” should be “What did Octopus Paul predict for you?
Hey guys… You’re making an application for the public, and what kind of impression you’re making here. What you’re doing is not even a slang.

I checked another application, and still, you can see the weak grammar. “an Octopus” is written as “a Octopus“. And then “asked” is termed as “asked to“.
“David asked to a Octopus Paul:” is certainly something that’s hardly English. One cannot expect that the team of application developers overlooked it and no one noticed it.

And here’s the interesting part, where the Paul answers your questions, and see what my friend has asked:Octopus Paul App on Facebook

Shuja asked to a Octopus Paul:
octopus paul kamina kutta haina? [Don’t you think Octopus Paul is a mean dog?]

And the answer was: Always the same. The answer is YES!