Feb 2 2011

The “Loudness War” – A killer of digital music quality

Posted by Knonie

Are you a music fan, who enjoys listening to music on great sound-systems and portable music players, because you know what Quality is. You also know that medium/low quality tracks never sound great because they usually lack the clarity of sound–fidelity, to be precise. But are you aware of the term “Loudness War”???

In simple words, it’s a digital way of increasing the “Loudness” of an audio track, which in terms lose many details of sounds without any apparent loss in Quality. Tricky? Isn’t it?

See this Waveform of a portion of a song, and see how its loudness is digitally increased in the name of “Digital Remastering” throughout years, and how it has lost the details.

Audio Waveform to show "Loudness War"

The trend of increasing loudness as shown by waveform images of "Something" by The Beatles mastered on CD four times since 1983.

Now check this short video to see Audio/Visual example. If you can’t feel the obvious difference, train your ears, or this “Loudness War” has nothing to do with you…

This treatment makes song appear “load” and “Hot”, but it makes it rather flat, with less variations, and this treatment often makes many songs unbearable to listen again and again.

Credits: The image used here is termed free to use by the owner “Aquegg”
Further reading: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loudness_war

Nov 11 2010

A simple Love Song that I wrote…

Posted by Knonie

[I have actually written this song for a friend who needed to sing it few months back, although he never did. It’s a simple love song talking about lost love, where a lover is missing his beloved, and remembering the time when they used to be together, and now everything is gone and he is all alone.]

Song Title: Where is my Baby

Lyrics: Knonie


Here is my baby, here with me
Always in my heart,
We’re never apart.
Here is my baby, here with me.

[Stanza 1]
Chasing butterflies, watching moon
Always together, evening or noon.
Innocent whispers, jokes and cries
We used to believe that love never dies.

Here is my baby, here with me
Always in my heart,
We’re never apart.
Here is my baby, here with me.

[Stanza 2]
This fate unknown then played a game
I spend my days calling your name.
I lost your hand, your heart, your love,
I asked for you from Heavens above.

[Altered Chorus]
Where is my baby, where are you?
Always in my heart
We’re never apart.
Where is my baby, where are you?

Where have you gone
I’m left all alone
I bleed, I cry
I wish I could die.
Life is no more as it used to be
I always wish you here with me.

[Ending Chorus]
Where is my baby, come to me
Please come to me
Please come to me
Where is my baby, come to me
Please come to me
Please come to me


©2010, Knonie

Oct 29 2010

10 Musicians Portraits in Newspaper Collage

Posted by Knonie

Following portraits of various Musicans are created by Ayaz Jokhio, an artist graduated from National College of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan.

Medium: Paper-collage on MDF
Size: 22.86 x 30.48 cm / 9 x 12 inches

To view other work by this artist Ayaz Jokhio, visit the official Facebook page.

Oct 13 2010

Illuminating Tee Shirt that listens to your music…

Posted by Knonie

Recently, I got an EL T-Shirt. In case this EL [Electroluminescence] is something unfamiliar to you, consider it something that emits light, using some power. These days, it’s also used on fancy T-shirts, that turns on and off depending on the external sounds.

Here’s a short video I shot wearing this Tee shirt:

This Tee also has a small device attached inside, that uses dry-cell batteries to provide power to the front panel. It also has an on/off switch and sound-sensitivity knob on that box. This device can be removed from the fabric, along with the front design which is attached by velcro, so it can be washed. In Pakistan, a custom printing brand call Now Tees has launched few EL Tees which can be bought by visiting their local outlets or by ordering online, for delivery in Pakistan-only.

Mar 31 2010

Ricky Martin is… Umm… Not Straight…

Posted by Knonie

And there’s that hot news in Media where the Pop Star Ricky Martin says he’s Gay…

Well, after this news, many fans are not feeling much happy and comfortable, and I’m still unable to find the exact reason of their disapproval…

Elmo wearing Knonie's blue shades

Elmo wearing Knonie's blue shades

To me, if there’s some singer, and we like to enjoy his music, we should remain concerned with his music only. Personal life of any artist is separate from his Arts or Public Life. An opera singer can still sing in her high notes even if she’s been divorced twice. An architect can design fascinating buildings even if he cheats his wife. Michael Jackson kept entertaining the audience with his wonderful performances even when he was accused and humiliated quite a lot of times by press.

We must only be concerned about these personal things of others when:

  • Their Arts, or any kind of work, preach others and ask everyone to follow their personal life. If some singer is gay, it’s his personal life. But if he asks everyone to be gay, in his songs, then you have got a reason not to like him, if you’re not comfortable with this.
  • You have a very direct concern with that person, like if you are the wife of Tiger Woods, and you come to know that he has an affair with another girl. If you are just a Golf fan, then don’t worry if he’s dating another girl. He’s not marrying you anyway…

So, we are only concerned with the Public Life of the Artists and other figures. How they use their personal life is their own life and choice, so it’s always better not to peep into anyone’s bedroom…

“I started being really proud of the fact that I was gay even though I wasn’t.”

– Kurt Cobain

Mar 15 2010

Memories and Music…

Posted by Knonie

It’s just a photo, a screenshot, not a memory, but it is a memory. Memories are weird, and quite complicated to explain how some non-physical thing like idea gets stored in a physical thing, like brain, or even in computer’s hard disk. But formatting some devices is not easy as frying an egg…

Music is all about the proper arrangement of notes and sounds. Just like you have some limited Alphabets but you use them to create so many words, each meaning something specific, and a proper arrangement of these words makes a beautiful piece of writing; similarly, beautiful songs are mere a creative arrangement. Sometimes, songs get stuck in our mind, just like some people.

I haven’t even connected the microphone and I feel like I’ve already drowned in the sound… The Sound of Silence, maybe, although I haven’t yet watched that classic Musical movie. Sometimes, we delay few things, sometimes we do them, sometimes we regret, and sometimes we even forget to regret. After all, it’s all about the memory, not melody.

Mar 8 2010

Ali Azmat- Live in BEC, Rawalpindi

Posted by Knonie

I attended Ali Azmat’s concert, Live in Beaconhouse Educational Complex, Rawalpindi, on 28th Feb, 2010. Ali Azmat performed there, accompanied by Omran Shafique on Lead Guitar and Gumby on Drums. [I forgot the name of the Bassist]
As always, Ali Azmat is the best with his powerful vocals.

This time, the talented Guitarist Omran on lead played fantastically, and casted a spell with his unique style of playing, especially the fast picking notes that reminds me of Pulp Fiction theme.

Here’s a compilation of short clips I shot during that concert.

Here are some of the still photos I took, using my HTC Hero phone: