Sep 5 2011

Other interesting names of McDonald’s around the world.

Posted by Knonie

McDonald’s is also known as the Golden Arches, Mickey-D’s, McDick’s, Macca’s (Australia), Mackey-D’s, Placcy-D’s and McDog (Britain), McDo (France), MacDoh (Quebec), Mekkes, Mekki, McDoof [literally McStupid] and Der Schotte (Germany), MacDee (Indonesia), McDonaldos and McDonas (Mexico), McCancer (U.S.), Makku or Makudo (Japan), Mak Kee (Hong Kong), McDee’s (New Zealand), McD’s (Scotland), Donken and Mackidannkan (Sweden), Meki (Hungary), Mec (Romania), Mek (Holland), MacDohNo (Khmer), McDo (the Philippines), Pat Panepinto Mart (Chile), and Rotten Ronnie Oddo’s and Ronchin Ronnies (Canada).

McDonald's, Jinnah Park, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.