Nov 8 2010

Fast-Forward Zombie…

Posted by Knonie

Watch this to waste 1 Minute and 13 Seconds of your valuable life…
I have recorded myself applying Halloween makeup, using webcam, and then played that video in high-speed to show the entire procedure quickly…

After doing this makeup, I shot some random video clips, and then compiled them in another videoclip, which is still not categorized as Horror, Comedy, Erotic or the one suitable for Necrophiliacs. That video is called Knonie as “Halloween 2010″ and can be seen Here.

Nov 3 2010

Knonie as “Halloween 2010”- A short spooky video clip

Posted by Knonie

WARNING: Not for faint-hearted

This video is a collection of few clips I shot for celebrating Halloween, where I tried to act as a flesh-eating Zombie. It’s for pure entertainment, and if you find it gory and disturbing, then bear with it, because Halloween is a fun thing and Zombies are fiction.

No professional equipment was used, and this video is entirely shot via webcam. Original background music and vocals are composed, and no ready-made sound clips are used.

It’s not a proper movie, but just a random compilation of various clips I shot wearing makeup for Halloween.