Mar 13 2013

Who is Knonie? And what If I hadn’t met him? – Rick

Posted by Rick
And what if I hadn't met him?

The god of small G.


Often, I sit down and think,
What if I hadn’t met Knonie?

Then somebody tells me,
“Your life wouldn’t be Aligned”
People like him, may not be one in millions, but may be one in billions.

I would say such a thing for I have lived the most important 10 years of my life with him, where I had to choose my direction, create my goals and focus on them, make right decisions at right time, set priorities, and how to accomplish them.

This man made it happen for me. Thanks Knonie for being a greater part of my life, and teaching me how to design your life in a pretty way. You taught me how  to align with life. I agree, you are Knonie.
Yours Truly,


Apr 30 2011

“Pretension Soup”—Some poetic expressions

Posted by Knonie

Below is something I once wrote
for myself…

Pretension Soup

Let’s pretend that we are not gays and organic,
And our wings are not meant for flying.
Let’s pretend we’re not naked underneath our clothes,
And we are not at all afraid of dying.

Let’s keep pretending that we’re not abnormals,
But the world is affected by global warming.
Pretend that private acts do not follow any morals.
And our souls do not burn any fire within.

Pretend that the scars on our wrists are not gross,
And the pictures we take will never let the time go.
Let’s pretend that we can be wise without experiences,
And eating eggs is not against animal rights, you know.

Pretend that the women are not stronger than the male,
And our glorious history is not composed of fictions.
Pretend that the rains that fall are not natural.
And those who build the world are not the Masons.

Let’s pretend that we still need more modern weapons
To blow off the Planet and to kill all the people.
Let’s keep pretending that Satan is not just an idea.
And let’s keep pretending that a rose is not a rose.

Let’s pretend that love is not an illusion,
And after being in love, pretend that illusion is not everything.
Let’s pretend that we do not exist, in any dimension,
And let’s pretend that we’re not sleeping.

[October, 2010]

Apr 19 2011

Kuch tou loug kahain gay, Kishore’s song sung by Knonie

Posted by Knonie

I love music, I love singing, and most of the times I sing to myself, apart from singing among friends circle sometimes. Lately, I recorded my vocals using a karaoke track [digital music of the song without vocals]. I was only doing some recording check, so I thought I should share it with others. It’s a raw version, and only a short clip of the audio song.

For those who don’t know, this song is originally sung by Kishore Kumar, for the movie “Amar Prem“, and it is composed by S.D Burman.

Apr 2 2011

Knonie is back to blogging, after a buggy break

Posted by Knonie

After a break of around 2 weeks, I’m finally here… Back here…
Actually when I logged in to my Blog Admin, I found some bug, so I wasn’t able to post any new stuff…

Elizabeth Taylor passed away and I wanted to write about her, and then a few other things came up and I wanted to write it. I should’ve written those documents and should’ve posted them once the blog is working fine, but I was being too lazy…
And today I logged in and everything was working fine…

I wanted to write and express so much these days… I feel so refreshed and mentally charged, as if I need to do some serious work. I have observed that my vision and comprehension is improved… Like I have understood many secrets of this life and other things around… So much to talk about, so much to elaborate, so much to write… Sometimes I think it’s good to write as it transfers the knowledge and builds the intelligence level of the next generations or others, but sometimes even this very things feels like “WHY?” Why should we awake those who are asleep, as everyone wants to live their life their way so let them do it. Everyone cannot understand the Truth…

Anyways, I’ll start writing again, and will try to finish some other projects I’ve been lazily working on since many months…

Nov 20 2010

Love- Illusion and reality

Posted by Knonie


Love is like water…
It takes the shape of the container that holds it.
And the container is your heart.

If someone takes love as a question, it becomes a question,
And if someone takes love as an answer, it becomes the answer.
If someone takes love as a dirty thing, it appears as a sin,
And if someone takes love as worship, it becomes God.

©2010, Knonie.

Nov 11 2010

A simple Love Song that I wrote…

Posted by Knonie

[I have actually written this song for a friend who needed to sing it few months back, although he never did. It’s a simple love song talking about lost love, where a lover is missing his beloved, and remembering the time when they used to be together, and now everything is gone and he is all alone.]

Song Title: Where is my Baby

Lyrics: Knonie


Here is my baby, here with me
Always in my heart,
We’re never apart.
Here is my baby, here with me.

[Stanza 1]
Chasing butterflies, watching moon
Always together, evening or noon.
Innocent whispers, jokes and cries
We used to believe that love never dies.

Here is my baby, here with me
Always in my heart,
We’re never apart.
Here is my baby, here with me.

[Stanza 2]
This fate unknown then played a game
I spend my days calling your name.
I lost your hand, your heart, your love,
I asked for you from Heavens above.

[Altered Chorus]
Where is my baby, where are you?
Always in my heart
We’re never apart.
Where is my baby, where are you?

Where have you gone
I’m left all alone
I bleed, I cry
I wish I could die.
Life is no more as it used to be
I always wish you here with me.

[Ending Chorus]
Where is my baby, come to me
Please come to me
Please come to me
Where is my baby, come to me
Please come to me
Please come to me


©2010, Knonie

Nov 8 2010

Fast-Forward Zombie…

Posted by Knonie

Watch this to waste 1 Minute and 13 Seconds of your valuable life…
I have recorded myself applying Halloween makeup, using webcam, and then played that video in high-speed to show the entire procedure quickly…

After doing this makeup, I shot some random video clips, and then compiled them in another videoclip, which is still not categorized as Horror, Comedy, Erotic or the one suitable for Necrophiliacs. That video is called Knonie as “Halloween 2010″ and can be seen Here.

Nov 3 2010

Knonie as “Halloween 2010”- A short spooky video clip

Posted by Knonie

WARNING: Not for faint-hearted

This video is a collection of few clips I shot for celebrating Halloween, where I tried to act as a flesh-eating Zombie. It’s for pure entertainment, and if you find it gory and disturbing, then bear with it, because Halloween is a fun thing and Zombies are fiction.

No professional equipment was used, and this video is entirely shot via webcam. Original background music and vocals are composed, and no ready-made sound clips are used.

It’s not a proper movie, but just a random compilation of various clips I shot wearing makeup for Halloween.

Mar 16 2010

Life about Today… And Everyday…

Posted by Knonie

Today I found out that there’s so much in this life to observe, feel, understand and share…

Traveling back from work to home in a van, it was a variety I could see through the window of the last seat, that includes hundreds of different faces, each bearing an individual identity, different expressions and life stories, problems, issues and reasons of happiness, desires, dreams and fantasies. There were shops offering another variety of life. Some are selling, others are buying. Slaughtered chickens hanging, some are frying fish, welding, cleaning and dusting their shelves, having tea outside, changing tires, talking, looking for their ideal faces, cars of all types, roads of variable quality, bicycles, carts, smoke and dust, waiting, arguing, laughing, and so much I don’t even remember now, but all of this made me think that I sure need to write volumes and volumes if I ever try to note it all down, which is practically not possible, as the more you go deep into things, the more complicated they become, and at one point, it appears to you that in fact, everything that you encounter is not much different from the other and they all seems like one–that is perhaps the Whole we all collectively make.

Fox's Fruit candies over MacBook

Fox's Fruit candies over MacBook

I love variety and variations. All these scenes I mentioned above were so rich and colorful. That is perhaps the life, the society, the community, the people, to which I belong. They are people for me and I’m people for them. Together we make a society. I’m an important part of it, just like everybody else. If I want my society to improve, I must improve myself. If I want my society to get rid of this age-old habit of lying and cheating, I must get rid of these traits in me, if present. I should try to inspire them to do things that benefit the society. Inspiring someone to do something is the best way. Be good, so others also want to be like you. And ultimately, our society, our lifestyles will improve. Seems quite idealistic, but it sure is practically possible. To change the world, you need to change yourself.

Mar 16 2010

Relationships, Cars and Butterflies…

Posted by Knonie

You don’t have to worry about relationship issues all the time. Relationships are relationships, what else do you expect them to be?! Some are fast running cars, others are slow, some even refuse to run after sometime. But relationships are not cars, they are even worse if they don’t run–Only if you worry about them… but relationships are relationships, not cars.

It’s mid March––Spring. I just spotted a white butterfly, the first of this season. It was weary and must be looking for some place to lay eggs before it dies. They are beautiful creatures, who’re never even able to see their babies growing during their lives. They propagate just for us. They have a short life, but they spread the beauty and color all around. We like them, but they are not important at all. For us, cars are more important…

[Photo: A car Hasnat used to own. Probably some 1970s Honda, in Lahore]

Mar 15 2010

Memories and Music…

Posted by Knonie

It’s just a photo, a screenshot, not a memory, but it is a memory. Memories are weird, and quite complicated to explain how some non-physical thing like idea gets stored in a physical thing, like brain, or even in computer’s hard disk. But formatting some devices is not easy as frying an egg…

Music is all about the proper arrangement of notes and sounds. Just like you have some limited Alphabets but you use them to create so many words, each meaning something specific, and a proper arrangement of these words makes a beautiful piece of writing; similarly, beautiful songs are mere a creative arrangement. Sometimes, songs get stuck in our mind, just like some people.

I haven’t even connected the microphone and I feel like I’ve already drowned in the sound… The Sound of Silence, maybe, although I haven’t yet watched that classic Musical movie. Sometimes, we delay few things, sometimes we do them, sometimes we regret, and sometimes we even forget to regret. After all, it’s all about the memory, not melody.

Mar 14 2010

Random thoughts, that can safely be called “Knonieism”

Posted by Knonie

This creative mind has constructed such interesting tales… Still in my memory only. I don’t know if I’d be able to recall that in the morning… I thought what if I write my random thoughts, just to see the variety my thought pattern offers.


As a kid, I used to think why some other smaller kids eat soil. I tasted it few times but it never attracted me. Although, I used to love gravels a lot… Shiny and with weird patterns. But fish is a kind of stinky thing, and I still can’t decide if we should call fish an Animal or Food…

I know that the tiny hard tube at the end of Shoelace is called Aglet, but I don’t think it matters much whether you know it or not. Sometimes, humans have enough time to create names for all these things. Everyone uses it, but perhaps no one even knows or say that name. Perhaps Faith is more important than the Title of your Religion.

By the way, raw Fish is an Animal but you can call it Food once it’s cooked.

Today, 14th March [or 3/14 if we write it in the American way], is observed as “Pi Day”. I don’t know if people actually celebrate this day. Today is the birthday of Albert Einstein too. Even if we don’t celebrate his B’day, but he surely changed our lives by his theories. Ant is a very small creature, just like Pi [π]. They help us from the background, but we never realize their importance.

You both are almost identical. Those shiny crystal eyes and such fine dark lashes… Perhaps your brains resemble too. You are growing and changing, as everyone does. And as that Holy Book mentioned and later confirmed by Einstein that the Universe is Expanding, and it is! It’s his Birthday today, by the way…