Dec 9 2012

My Phobias and other annoying things…!!!

Posted by Knonie

My Phobias… Hey, I don’t even know what this term actually means in Psychology…

As a human being, I too have many. The thing is that I realized many of them and controlled them a lot. That’s the most interesting part…

According to my rules, there are two solutions of overcoming your fears:

  1. Avoid that thing, if possible.
  2. Try to learn to live with it, steadily.


Those legged creatures are too annoying, especially when they crawl on your body. I used to fear them a lot when I was a kid. But gradually, I have changed my habits (perception). And now I take these things so ordinary that still I like to catch insects, bugs in my hands. These include Ladybirds, Mantis, Grasshoppers, Crickets, Ants, butterflies and moths, spiders, bees, wasps… still looking for cockroaches.


It’s not that strong fear, but still, I don’t feel comfortable being on the edges of high roofs and looking down. Maybe, it’s a fear of falling. So I don’t usually peep from the roofs.

Certain People:

I don’t feel comfortable sitting in the company of elder people, people having narrow [mental] vision and people wearing Army Uniforms or formal dresses.


I don’t like being into places where people fight, especially physical beating. Similarly, I don’t like wars, neither watch news of this sort. I think that most of our cases can also be solved peacefully.


I always wish to stay away from any big accident or mishap, fire, drowning, road accident, etc.


That phobia is somewhat still here. I hate vehicles. I always wish to have those old chariots days, or just bicycles around… but we can’t help it, these fast moving vehicles are a must. Still, I haven’t practiced driving and not intended to. I guess, I’ll do it somehow if I ever try.


[Originally written on Aug 25, 2005]

Sep 18 2011

Story behind the photo of an Ant, and the lessons learned…

Posted by Knonie

See this photo– an ant holding something in its mouth, apparently in the dark with a spotlight highlighting it. Let me tell you the little story behind this shot…

Ant working at night. Photo ©Knonie

One night I was having a walk on my terrace with a cigarette lighter in my hand that has a tiny flashlight. While moving the light on the terrace floor, I noticed a big ant, which on close observation, appeared to be struggling with something stuck on the floor. That was something round, grain like particle and the ant was trying very hard to detach it from the floor. Watching that interesting site, I brought my camera from indoors, and using the light from torch of cigarette-lighter, I made a spot light fixed over ant so that I could take some photos in otherwise complete darkness. After around 5 minutes of my observing it, the ant managed to detach that piece of food from the floor, and while holding it, it started moving quickly in some specific direction. This photo is taken during that moment.

That Ant was now gone…

That little event stirred my mind. I started thinking why this ant was struggling so much to get that food even if its quite late at night. Why doesn’t that ant left that food here, because ants don’t live alone and it won’t make much difference if one of them doesn’t work. In fact, no Boss-Ant was monitoring it, so that ant can simply leave that food here instead of taking it to their nest where all the rest will share it. When the ant got such big amount of food, it didn’t start eating it alone before other ants find it. Struggling so much for that will not earn any special increment or award, then why it still worked like that all alone…? Thinking about such questions made me realise how organised these tiny creatures are…

These creatures are not selfish, which means they understand the concept of Unity. Everyone in their community believes that he/she/it is a part of this entire system, and they need to perform their duties unconditionally, no matter if someone else is watching or not. They are not selfish and greedy, as even if they find a mountain size sugar pile, they will not just leave their community behind and start eating it alone. They never cut themselves off from their community. That very concept seems missing from Human Society, or is present rarely.

As Benjamin Franklin has written in Poor Richard’s Almanack [July 1736]

“None preaches better than the ant, and she says nothing.”

That’s one of the biggest lessons of life. Ants don’t say things, they only “do” what is required to do, and that’s the highest form of preaching, i.e. providing a practical example instead of just talking. We can learn Unity, Discipline and Unselfishness from this tiny creature we hardly notice everyday around.

Aug 16 2011

A strange Black Spider with white dots

Posted by Knonie

Last morning, I went out to capture a photo of some wild Sunflowers blooming in an unoccupied residential plot. Upon usual hunting, I found a complete spider web nearby, with a strange looking black spider in the center. That was a matte black spider, with some clear white dots on the sides and above its abdomen. Quite strange kind of patterns, so I took some shots, shared below:

Black Spider with white dots, in its web. Photo ©Knonie
Black Spider with white dots, in its web. Photo ©Knonie

Aug 8 2011

Some photos of a Black Spider with Red patterns

Posted by Knonie

Few days back, I found a spider on a wild plant outdoors. That was a black spider with conspicuous red pattern on its abdomen. Front legs were longer and thicker, making them look like claws of a crab. Shared below are some closer shots.

[Click images to view larger version]

Black and Red Spider. Photo ©Knonie
Black and Red Spider. Photo ©Knonie Continue reading

May 22 2011

A closer look at the tiny nature-Photos of insects

Posted by Knonie

Last morning I went out and explored some summer insects, bees, flies and others. It was fun taking photos of these little things…

A fly in garden
Bee on flowers
A pupa
Bee on flowers