Aug 15 2011

The Red Fort of India appearing on Google logo…

Posted by Knonie

On 15th August 2011, Google displayed a doodle to celebrate India’s Independence Day, as shared below:

Google doodle for India independence day showing Laal Qila, Delhi, The Red Fort

A very vibrant doodle, showing a massive fort known as Laal Qila [The Red Fort] situated in Delhi, India. It was built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in the 17th Century. Now a days, it’s a tourist attraction.

Jun 21 2011

Play, Record and Listen Guitar on Google logo to celebrate Les Paul’s Birthday

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Those who have a considerable know-how of Electric guitars know Les Paul, the pioneer of solid-body electric guitar. On 9th June, Google celebrated his 96th birthday by offering an interactive doodle logo. You can either use mouse or keyboard to play the strings. Use the record button to record what you play. After clicking Stop, you will see a URL of your recorded track which can be used to listen it again or to share your track with others. Isn’t it creative!!!

Here’s what Google has to say: We’re thrilled so many of you jammed out on our Les Paul doodle — recording 5.1 years worth of music in 48 hours — so we’ve carved out a permanent spot in the display case for our doodle guitar. Rock on!

Click here to Play Les Paul Guitar on Google

Jun 18 2011

Tried the NEW Google image search using some photos. Interesting results!

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Google has recently announced searching without entering words. All you need to do is upload an image from your device, or from some website, and you’ll get results.

I uploaded my photo to see what will I get and I was surprised to see how quickly it displayed the results. All photos were portraits, and they were visually so similar to my portrait photograph including the overall composition and color tones.

Check it out:

Google image search screen-shot

And then I used a photo of a chameleon among green foliage and I was again surprised to see the overall resemblance on the images in results, in terms of color tones and overall composition.

Google image search- Chameleon

Google guys are really working hard!!!

Oct 18 2010

Google and YouTube wished John Lennon a Happy Birthday

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This is October 2010. John Lennon was shot dead on 8 December 1980. If he were among us, he would be celebrating his 70th Birthday with us on 8th October…

But it still looks like if he’s among us. His message of Peace and Anti-War policies is still in the air.

This year, I’ve observed that his birthday was celebrated with more zeal, and due to this wonderful fast technology, we can get updated about all the events. YouTube shared a video message by Lennon’s wife Yoko Ono, and fans responded it with so many tribute videos and messages. YouTube also changed its Logo to mark this Birthday event.

Lennon-YouTubeIt had a pen-drawing and a Lennon’s caricature, the kind of drawings Lennon used to make.

Google celebrated Lennon’s Birthday with yet another unique style. This time, they used the Video Doodle. That was the first time Google used a Video Clip instead of image logo.

On visiting the Google page, the logo looks like the following image, with a red PLAY button:


After clicking the Play Button, a YouTube video starts playing there, featuring line drawing animations with some lines from Lennon’s song “Imagine” in the background.

Here’s the video clip featured inside the Google doodle:

“You May say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one”

– John Lennon, “Imagine”

Buy and Download “Imagine” (2010 – Remaster)- MP3 version

Sep 8 2010

Interactive and animated colored balls doodle by Google

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On 7th September, Google impressed its fans with yet another interactive Doodle. It’s made up of numerous colored balls, and each ball is arranged as to form Google logo.

When the page loads, the balls seem to drop from all around and arrange themselves to make the word Google with smooth flexible motion. When the mouse cursor is brought near the words, balls seem to get repelled by it, thus disturbing the logo with some elastic kind of movements. On moving away the cursor, they again tend to rearrange themselves to form the Doodle.

I recorded a screen to keep a record of that doodle, displayed below:

It’s really cool stuff, although no one is quite sure what is the theme behind that doodle, as some say it’s Google’s way of celebrating their birthday, while others call it just a way to “Show-off” the features supported by HTML 5. Unlike other Google Doodles that lead to the page/search-results of the subject of doodle, this time, you can’t even click it, as it doesn’t like the touch of our mouse…

May 25 2010

PAC-MAN is permanent on Google! Play it free!!!

Posted by Knonie

Now you can play Google’s exclusive Free PAC-MAN online on this URL:

Google is so kind to offer it here on PAC-MAN’s 30th anniversary.

Google Rocks!!!


May 22 2010

Pacman is 30 years old, and Google is happy about it

Posted by Knonie

So, when the old school Pacman turned 30 this day, Google celebrated it in the form of an interactive doodle…

The “I’m feeling lucky” button has been changed to “Insert Coin”

It’s a Google’s version of Pacman, having the maze making the word “Google” in it.

I’m attaching a screenshot of it, in case Google replace it again with the regular logo. Click to enlarge.

Google Pacman

Apr 2 2010

Google is now into Animals… Zoogle, maybe…

Posted by Knonie

Great news for Animal Lovers & Android Fans
Translate your pet’s speech into English on the go…

Really Amazing application for android!!!

Just visit the official page to get the application for your phone:

We all know Google is so Genius, so they really inspired us again,
with their ever unique and creative
April Fools joke…