Apr 5 2010

Poor Mars – Poor Earth…!!!

Posted by Knonie

Oh No… Not That Mars Chocolate… It was about that Red Planet – Mars.

See what’s been shared through internet:


The Red Planet (MARS) is about to be spectacular! This month and next, Earth is catching up with Mars in an encounter that will culminate in the closest approach between the two planets in recorded history.

The next time Mars may come this close is in 2287. Due to the way Jupiter’s gravity tugs on Mars and perturbs its orbit, astronomers can only be certain that Mars has not come this close to Earth in the last 5,000 years, but it may be as long as 60,000 years before it happens again.

The encounter will culminate on August 27th when Mars comes to within 34,649,589 miles of Earth and will be (next to the moon) the brightest object in the night sky. It will attain a magnitude of -2.9 and will appear 25.11 arc seconds wide. By August 27, Mars will look as large as the full moon to the naked eye. Mars will be easy to spot.

At the beginning of August it will rise in the East at 10p.m. and reach its azimuth at about 3 a.m. by the end of August when the two planets are closest, Mars will rise at nightfall and reach its highest point in the sky at 12:30a.m. That’s pretty convenient to see something that no human being has seen in recorded history. So, mark your calendar at the beginning of August to see Mars grow progressively brighter and brighter throughout the month.

Mars is going to be a second moon of earth for a day.

So you can see the style of writing, especially those points I did in BOLD.
Some technical details and mathematical figures are enouogh to make it look real… and people thought it’s true and they spreaded it all over… Because “There’s no harm in spreading it

That’s why we should at least try to get something from any valid source. No Space Website, No T.V Channel said that… but FWD emails said that.

Anyway, then this specified date came and nothing happened, no one bothered to look for that “One in a life time sight” either…

I received this very email for consecutive 2 years…

“Giant Mars rumour is an internet hoax
Boffins amazed that people can be that dumb” *

Yes, WE ARE DUMB, while talking about Spam eMails…

Those email guys should remove the “Forward” feature from their email systems…

[Originally written on Aug 30, 2005]