Mar 6 2012

Of Satan and other personal evils

Posted by Knonie

It was a magnificent fountain carved in ruby that was making very sweet melodies when the fine pearls were striking it instead of water droplets. On its edge, he was sitting, perplexed.

“Greetings, Iblis!” a gentle voice of an angel was heard. “I just came here to gather some pearls, as I am ordered to decorate the bank of that stream around there…”

“Oh well, yes, go ahead. After all, I belong here no more.” Iblis responded in a low tone.

The angel did not say anything. He did not need to say anything, or maybe he did not want to indulge in a conversation, or maybe he lacked this property of his brain, and even presence of a real “brain” is debatable.

“You already know what happened. In fact, everyone knows about it.” Iblis continued speaking to his freshly arrived listener.

“I was publicly humiliated (if that is what you call ‘Public’), and why for? You know why? Because of nothing. Just because of the fact that I said the truth.”

The devil in me, © Knonie

Apart from the high-ranked Archangels specified for doing their specific tasks, we are unaware of the angelic nomenclature or anything that can help us in knowing what these other uncountable worker-angels are called. This is the very reason we are referring to our angel in this story as “Angel”, and hence it should be taken as the same angel that came to pick the pearls. Continue reading