Jan 11 2012

“Yahan inqalaab karna manaa hai” – Visual expressions

Posted by Knonie

Inspired by the local graffiti in Urdu, telling the public how to behave, and thus taking part in revolutionizing the psyche of the masses. How lovely it looks when we hang the beautiful patterns of such social revolution on our walls…


Yahan inqalaab karna manaa hai, Part III, © Knonie
Yahan inqalaab karna manaa hai, Part II, © Knonie
Yahan inqalaab karna manaa hai, Part I, © Knonie

Dec 22 2011

“This Revolution is for display purposes only”

Posted by Knonie

"This Revolution is for display purposes only", Part 1. © knonie

"This Revolution is for display purposes only", Part 2. © knonie

"This Revolution is for display purposes only", Part 3. © knonie

Dec 30 2010

Some Creative ideas for new Facebook Profile

Posted by Knonie

The recent update of Facebook layout offers displaying of 5 thumbnails of your recently tagged photos on your Profile page. That feature stirred creativity in many users resulting in many innovative concepts enhancing the look of Facebook Profile. Below are few designs I made.

[Click images to for larger view]

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Dec 17 2010

Have you ever seen such beautiful and tiny books?

Posted by Knonie

Hasnat Mehmood, a renowned artist from NCA, Lahore, has exhibited his latest series of work last month. His exhibition titled Who is afraid of theorywas held in Poppy Seed Gallery, Karachi, from November 13 – November 20, 2010.

That collection contained books of small sizes [3 x 2.5 x 1/5 inches approx]. The binding of these books are done using the same techniques as old-fashoned books. Their outer covers are further adorned with the cuttings from actual currency notes of Pakistan and United States. [Rs. 5, 10, 100, 500 are used apart from $1].

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Oct 26 2010

Simple Structures built with Lego Bricks

Posted by Knonie

Most of us are familiar with Lego, those small bricks available in various sizes and shapes. People usually play it during their childhood while some continue using it even as adults.

Lego Structure

Personally I love playing with plain Lego bricks sometimes, as somehow it increases your creative abilities. And my friend Sheikh Zahid was kind enough to send me my first ever Lego pack containing 450 assorted bricks.

Lego Structure

Here are some of the photos I took after making some small Geometrical structures with Lego bricks. [Click thumbnail to view larger version]

Lego is fun. Isn’t it? 😉

Oct 25 2010

A “Gooner” Tee that I designed and painted

Posted by Knonie

I wanted to present a Tee to my friend on his birthday, and since he’s more into Soccer supporting Arsenal-The Gunners, I thought I should make some design related to that. I selected the word “Gooner” for my design. Just in case you don’t know, the supporters and fans of Arsenal Football Club are called “Gooner“.

This is the initial Photoshop version of the design:

Gooner- Photoshop Design

Here’s the finished painted Tee:

Gooner Tee, Hand painted

And the print from another angle to show details:

Gooner Tee, Hand painted

I used white fabric-paint to paint this, and the real Copper powder is then sprinkled over it when it was wet, making those metal particles to stick and giving a grungy textured look.

Aug 14 2010

I Heart Pakistan ♥

Posted by Knonie

Here is my version of the famous rebus “I NY” logo designed by Milton Glaser back in 1970s. I tried to give it a Pakistani Feel, by using the Flag green color for Heart and Using PK initials for Pakistan. It says “I PK“, “I Heart Pakistan“, or simply “I Love Pakistan

I Heart PK - A graphic by Knonie

You can use this graphics for your own personal purposes without alteration, and I’d like if you give original designer some credit. Although you won’t be sued. 😉