Oct 21 2011

Face sculpture made from old newspapers

Posted by Knonie

Working with paper is interesting, and during the time I was experimenting for creating different paper surfaces and textures by various treatments, I thought about making a face using old newspaper. I used a face I made from Plaster of Paris as a guide, and using strips of paper and glue, formed an embossed face. Some other treatments like applying tea, golden water-based colors, etc. were then applied to enhance the look. I might make such thing in a bit larger size someday. Currently that one is about 6 inches in height.

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Newspaper Face, ©KnonieNewspaper Face, ©KnonieNewspaper Face, ©KnonieNewspaper Face, ©Knonie

Jul 16 2011

How I made a 3D paper model of Hyacinth Macaw [Large Parrot]

Posted by Knonie

Few weeks back when I shared the photos of a 3D paper model of a Hyacinth Macaw on my Facebook page, it was very much appreciated by the friends and other viewers. Some of them even personally contacted me to appreciate it and to find out how I made that.
3D Paper Hyacinth Macaw [parrot]
3D Paper Hyacinth Macaw [parrot]

Some time back, while I was in a “Craft-making” mood, I searched for some 3D paper models to work on. Luckily I found a great resource on Yamaha site of Paper Crafts. They are offering free templates for various kinds of paper models like Yamaha Motorbikes, Animals and other creatures, pop-up cards, etc. They range from simple to complex but you can choose according to your level of skills. You need to print the design on A4 sheets, cut, glue and assemble the parts according to the instructions given on the website.

Happy Crafting! 😉

Nov 24 2010

Elmo Cookies- Too Cute you won’t even eat ’em…

Posted by Knonie

Recently a friend told me about one of their acquaintances lady based in Singapore, who makes really beautiful cookies. I asked my friend to ask for her permission to use the photos of her edible crafts with my friends through this blog. She happily agreed, so here is the first batch of the photos, featuring some cookies and cupcakes resembling the face of Elmo, the lovely muppet from Sesame Street.
Elmo Cookies

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