Apr 16 2013

Advice of the Day #14

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Advice of the Day #14
Learn every time you lose.

Apr 16 2013

Rumi, on Preconceived Fears

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Some lines from Masnavi, Book III, by Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi.

Translation: A person can walk fearlessly on a path half a yard wide on the ground. But if you have to walk over a high wall which is 2 yards wide, you won’t be able to do so. Your preconceived fears have deluded your mind and you fall. Use your intellect to understand fear and delusion.

Apr 16 2013

Jab teri dhun mein jiya kartay thay

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Jab teri dhun mein jiya kartay thay
Hum bhi chup chaap phira kartay thay

Aankh mein piyaas hooa karti thi
Dil mein toofan uthaa kartay thay

Loug aatay thay ghazal sun’nay ko
Hum teri baat kiya kartay thay

Sach samajhtay thay teray vaadon ko
Raat din ghar mein raha kartay thay

Kisi veeranay mein tujh say mil kar
Dil mein kia phool khila kartay thay

Ghar ki deewaar sajanay kay liye
Hum tera naam likhaa kartay thay

Wo bhi kia din thay bhula kar tujh ko
Hum tujhay yaad kiya kartay thay

Jab tere dard mein dil dukhta tha
Hum teray haq mein duaa kartay thay

Apnay aansoo bhi sitaron ki tarah
Tere honton pay saja kartay thay

Apr 8 2013

Up above the world so high

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Flying above the clouds was a wonderful experience for me, as I love watching them from below and always wanted to get closer. I was so amazed by seeing them so close that I felt like jumping off and floating among them, and I hardly held my tears of excitement and awe. Then I decided that if I ever gonna marry someone, that would be clouds.

I took these shots on 4th April 2013, during a flight from Islamabad, Pakistan to Doha, Qatar.








Apr 8 2013

Woh bulaayein tou kia tamasha ho – Saghar Siddiqui

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Woh bulaayein tou kia tamasha ho
Hum na jaayein tou kia tamasha ho

Ye kinaaron se khelnay walay
Doob jaayein tou kia tamasha ho

Banda-parvar jo hum pe guzri hai
Hum batayein tou kia tamasha ho

Aaj hum bhi teri wafaaon par
Muskurayein tou kia tamasha ho

Teri soorat jo ittefaaq se hum
Bhool jaayein tou kia tamasha ho

Waqt ki chand sa’atein Saghar
Laut aayein tou kia tamasha ho

A rare photograph of Saghar Siddiqui squatting at a street corner of Lahore and about to set fire to a bunch of his poems. After 15 years of morphine addiction, depression and living on the streets, in 1974 he was found dead on one such street of Lahore.  Exposed to the cold winter of Lahore, he passed away in his sleep. He was just 46.

A rare photograph of Saghar Siddiqui squatting at a street corner of Lahore and about to set fire to a bunch of his poems.
After 15 years of morphine addiction, depression and living on the streets, in 1974 he was found dead on one such street of Lahore.
Exposed to the cold winter of Lahore, he passed away in his sleep.
He was just 46.

Apr 1 2013

My first Shadow Art

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With the help of some Aluminum foil and a flash-light, here’s the shadow sculpture I made.

Those related to Pakistan can identify this silhouette. It is the famous Faisal Mosque in Islamabad.

Apr 1 2013

April Fool

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Tell me a lie
and say
Everything you ever told me
is true

— Knonie

Mar 20 2013

Two Forms, One Soul — Rumi

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Photo ©Knonie


Happy is the moment, when we sit together,
With two forms, two faces, yet one soul,
you and I.

The flowers will bloom forever,
The birds will sing their eternal song,
The moment we enter the garden,
you and I.

The stars of heaven will come out to watch us,
And we will show them
the light of a full moon –
you and I.

No more thought of “you” and “I.”
Just the bliss of union –
Joyous, alive, free of care, you and I.

All the bright-winged birds of heaven
Will swoop down to drink of our sweet water –
The tears of our laughter, you and I.

What a miracle of fate, us sitting here.
Even at the opposite ends of the earth
We would still be together, you and I.

We have one form in this world,
another in the next.

To us belongs an eternal heaven,
the endless delight of you and I.

Mar 20 2013

On being gay gayly

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Kurt Cobain- Poster, Photo ©Knonie

Kurt Cobain said:
“I started being really proud of the fact that I was gay even though I wasn’t.”

Well, if they think so, stay what you are, just to piss off these usual people and keep them away. Being labelled as Gay is usually associated with people having less interest in sports and more in aesthetics, so artists usually have to face such situations, just like Kurt in his school years has to face some awkward situations. Kurt states that he started accepting the fact that people think him gay, just to piss of homophobes.

Mar 14 2013

Not a Suicide Note: Revised Edition

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They are making a fool out of me.

They can sense my strength, they can feel my uniqueness, and that is what keeps them restless.

They take me as an alien or a rebel, so they disapprove me altogether. Some are kind, so they tend to make me feel understood. They hardly change their own principles, but make me change mine. They wanted to change my glasses so that I could see the world the way they want.

They make me suffer for the unseen things. They live their life in a way that gives me a constant sense of guilt. Yes, I am responsible for their hurt and tears, this is what they want me to think. They keep on giving me some small amounts of sympathies to make me feel protected, and pleasures to keep me curious, but they spend the greater time in making me feel sad and tired… Or precisely “Tied”.

They make me live under certain patterns, and make me believe that it is the only way. They put conditions that take my freedom. They bound me to the promises of a better tomorrow for which I will be held responsible. They do anything to make me suffer during the time when my life has the greatest amount of passion and zeal. They distract me from all the places till I start feeling that my passions are worthless. They take the worth out of everything… every little thing that is a source of joy for me now.

They are making a fool out of me. Yes, all of them.

I won’t let anyone kill me.


 — Knonie
Wednesday, the 13th March, 2013

Mar 13 2013

Epitaph for a rock, by Faiz

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Mar 13 2013

But I love your feet…

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“But I love your feet
only because they walked
upon the earth and upon
the wind and upon the waters,
until they found me.”

― Pablo Neruda

Mar 13 2013

Advice of the Day #13

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knonies-advice-of-the-day-13 Advice of the Day #13
If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.

Mar 13 2013

Who is Knonie? And what If I hadn’t met him? – Rick

Posted by Rick
And what if I hadn't met him?

The god of small G.


Often, I sit down and think,
What if I hadn’t met Knonie?

Then somebody tells me,
“Your life wouldn’t be Aligned”
People like him, may not be one in millions, but may be one in billions.

I would say such a thing for I have lived the most important 10 years of my life with him, where I had to choose my direction, create my goals and focus on them, make right decisions at right time, set priorities, and how to accomplish them.

This man made it happen for me. Thanks Knonie for being a greater part of my life, and teaching me how to design your life in a pretty way. You taught me how  to align with life. I agree, you are Knonie.
Yours Truly,