Mar 10 2011

Ali Zafar performs Ghalib- A beautiful soft track

Posted by Knonie

Here’s a very famous Urdu ghazal written by Mirza Ghalib:
“Koi umeed bar nahi aati
Koi soorat nazar nahi aati”

This version is sung by the young Pakistani signer Ali Zafar, in a TV show “Dil se”. This track is also included in his latest Album titled “Jhoom”. It is composed by Yousaf Salah Uddin. This version is so soft and easy-listening. I’m sure you’ll love it.

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has also performed this Ghazal in his typical Qawwali style, in the same composition.

Mar 10 2011

Kittens, Inspired by “Kittens”- A video

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Ever wonder what kittens are actually thinking?
Wonder no more. When an adorable 6-year-old inserts her own literal narrative to the photos in a children’s book titled Kittens, the result is quite hilarious.

Mar 9 2011

“Main hosh mein tha tou”- A beautiful ghazal by the one and only Mehdi Hassan

Posted by Knonie

Here’s a very beautiful Ghazal sung by the Ghazal Maestro Mehdi Hassan. Very fine poetry and composition, with a very soft effect…

Main hosh mein tha tou phir uss pe marr gaya kesay
Ye zehr meray lahu mein uttar gaya kesay”



Feb 9 2011

“Instant Messaging” in Real Life – A video

Posted by Knonie

What if the language used on Facebook chat, MSN, Yahoo Messengers, etc. were spoken in real life? It’d be pretty weird…

Check this out…

Feb 2 2011

Favorite Laughing Baby of YouTube users

Posted by Knonie

Although, YouTube is full of laughing baby home videos, but this one topped all of them. Uploaded in 2006, this video has got more than 159 Million views

Isn’t it incredible?! 😀

Jan 27 2011

2 classic “Windy” songs from Old Indian and Pakistani Cinema

Posted by Knonie

I’m presenting here two of the classic hits from old Indian and Pakistani Cinema. Lyrics of both of these songs revolve around blowing wind, and thus referring to the “excited” mood of the female character. Believe me, both of them have catchy tunes.

Song Title: Hawa mein Urta jaaye
Movie: Barsaat [1949]
Artist: Lata Mangeshkar
Music Composer: Shankar-Jaikishan

And the second one:

Song Title: Main uddi uddi jaanwaan
Movie: Heer  [1955]
Singer: Munawar Sultana
Music: Safdar Hussain
Lyrics: Hazin Qadri

Jan 20 2011

Evolution of Dance – By Judson Laipply

Posted by Knonie

The comedian Jud Laipply performs various forms of popular dances of the western music scene in this 6-min. sequence. Laipply shows us dance moves from Elvis, Movie Grease, The Bangles, Michael Jackson and so many more styles that are still hit and iconic.

Jan 20 2011

Kittens, Inspired by “Kittens”- A video

Posted by Knonie

Ever thought what kittens are actually thinking?
Then wonder no more. When an adorable 6-year-old inserts her own literal narrative to the photos in a children’s book titled Kittens, the result is quite hilarious.


Jan 2 2011

More Free Alphabet Styles to decorate your Facebook profile

Posted by Knonie

Create an impact when someone visits your Facebook profile… Whether it’s your name, some greetings, or simply some word to describe you, it looks great. It’s so easy to do it in New Facebook Profile. You need to tag that word [up to 5 characters only] in a Facebook photo-album that contains those letters.

Below are the links of 3 Facebook Albums with different text styles. Use the one that suits your mood…

Visit Red Chalk Text Style Facebook-album

Facebook profile decorative namesVisit Electric Black Text Style Facebook-album

Facebook profile decorative names
Visit Blue-White Text Style Facebook-album

Facebook profile decorative names


  • Visit the Facebook album of your choice from the list above. Tag your word in reverse over. e.g. If you want to show “HELLO”, you should tag words in this order: O, L, L, E, H.
  • Since a single photo cannot be tagged twice, each character is present twice in the album, so you can use double letters too.
  • If you’re tagged in some other photo and see your word disturbed, you don’t necessarily need to untag yourself in new photo. To remove a tile, just move your mouse over the unwanted photo in your profile thumbnail images, and a cross [x] will appear. Use it to remove the newly tagged photo.

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Dec 31 2010

Fun with Facebook display pictures to make your profile so cool

Posted by Knonie

After sharing some creative ideas in yesterday’s post, here’s another episode…

Do you want something like the images below?

All you need is some properly sized images with letters written over them. Upload them in you Facebook album, and tag the alphabets in reverse order.

Or simple visit this Facebook album, and tag your names:
Facebook Album

To remove some character from your profile, move your mouse over that thumbnail image, and a small cross [x] will appear. That will remove that photo.

All these characters are available for FREE download as zip HREE

Instructions: If you want to do it on your own, download and extract the files from the link above. Upload the required characters in your Facebook album. Tag those images and see your profile.

Dec 30 2010

Some Creative ideas for new Facebook Profile

Posted by Knonie

The recent update of Facebook layout offers displaying of 5 thumbnails of your recently tagged photos on your Profile page. That feature stirred creativity in many users resulting in many innovative concepts enhancing the look of Facebook Profile. Below are few designs I made.

[Click images to for larger view]

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Dec 24 2010

A little modern Christmas Joke…

Posted by Knonie


Dear Kids,

There’s No Santa Clause. Those presents are from your parents.


Dec 6 2010

Stop automatic spam messages from your Facebook account – Simple and effective way

Posted by Knonie

The Problem

Since a month or so, we have started seeing a new kind of spam messages posted on Facebook. That appears to be posted by a person, but that person denies posting it. And then, these automatic messages kept on appearing after regular intervals, and the affected person and his contacts get annoyed. Since that post also contains a website URL, which means many other users might click that and it will keep on spreading, or whatever the motives of the spammer are. Even uninstalling the browser extensions and suspicious Facebook applications doesn’t fix it. Continue reading

Dec 5 2010

Facebook Cartoons Display-Picture game is– Fake!

Posted by Knonie

On Thursday, 2nd December, 2010, I noticed a note as a Facebook status update of a friend from US, that goes like this:

LET’S KEEP THIS GOING! ♥ Change your FB profile picture to a cartoon from your childhood. The goal? To not see a human face on FB til Monday, December 6th. Join the fight against CHILD ABUSE. Copy & paste to your staus to invite your friends to do the same.

It appeared to me like a fun game someone has invented, and has tried to give it a touch of a Serious Cause, so that people will feel relieved after taking part in it…
And fortunately… it worked!!!

On next 3 days, that message started to increase gradually and rapidly, and as I usually notice, the Original statement seemed to be slightly altered. The most obvious amendment has the word “Child Abuse” changed into “Child Violence” because “Child Abuse” sounds quite an Adult word and some person thought about replacing it.

Here’s the screenshot of my account with non-cartoon faces blurred:

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