Aug 15 2012


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Reincarnation, ©Knonie + haby

I died as a mineral and became a plant,
I died as plant and rose to animal,
I died as animal and I was Man.
Why should I fear? When was I less by dying?

Yet once more I shall die as Man, to soar
With angels blest; but even from angelhood
I must pass on: all except God doth perish.
When I have sacrificed my angel-soul,
I shall become what no mind e’er conceived.
Oh, let me not exist! for Non-existence
Proclaims in organ tones, To Him we shall return.

Jalal al-Din Muhammad Rumi,
Translated by Reynold A. Nicholson

Original Persian script:

از جمادی مُردم و نامی شدم
وز نما مُردم بحیوان سرزدم
مُردم از حیوانی و آدم شدم
پس چه ترسم کی ز مردم کم شدم
حملهء دیگر بمیرم از بشر
تا برآرم از ملایک بال و پر
وز ملک هم بایدم جستن ز جو
کل شییء هالک الاوجهه
بار دیگر از ملک پران شوم
آنچه اندر وهم ناید آن شوم
پس عدم گردم عدم چو ارغنون
گویدم کانا الیه راجعون

Jul 3 2012

“You are what you look at” – Digital Art

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[Click images to view larger version]

May 19 2012

Aura of a singular person- Digital Expressions

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“With forms and colours, with truth and lies,
I fell in love with you.
With pictures and drawings, with clothing and nakedness,
and everything I did to say what I otherwise cannot say.”

— Knonie.
Aura of a singular person - 01
Aura of a singular person - 02
Aura of a singular person - 03

Oct 5 2011

Amazing photos of Enzo Ferrari toy that don’t look like toy

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It was a pleasant cloudy afternoon, a nice day for capturing sunset, and I got an idea of using my toy car model of Enzo Ferrari for a photo shoot against this sky background. It gives a feeling of “large” size and that 1:43 toy no longer appears as a toy model. Thanks to Hot Wheels for creating such a high quality replica.

Click photos to open large version:

Enzo Ferrari, Hot Wheels, Photo © Knonie.
Enzo Ferrari, Hot Wheels, Photo © Knonie.
Enzo Ferrari, Hot Wheels, Photo © Knonie.
Enzo Ferrari, Hot Wheels, Photo © Knonie.
Enzo Ferrari, Hot Wheels, Photo © Knonie.

Jul 21 2011

Private Property: Do Not Cross! – An illustrated short-story

Posted by Knonie
I wrote this short story in November 2010. It’s somewhat incomplete but I didn’t feel like completing it so I’m sharing it here. I designed some images to go with this story, which are also shared below.

Illustration "Private Property", © Knonie

I am a small bird. I’m not a small bird. I’m a fully grownup bird, but for you I’m a small bird. For me, Humans are so big, so big and so different from each other. I wanted to see what they do all day, how they gather food, how they live in safe places, and all the other things I cannot do. So I flew, leaving my nest, towards a city of Humans.

Illustration "Private Property", © Knonie

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May 27 2011

In Praise of Tobacco…

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Photo and design done by me, while the quotation is by Charles Kingsley

Tobacco- Charles Kingsley

“Tobacco, a lone man’s companion, a bachelors friend, a hungry man’s food, a sad man’s cordial, a wakeful man’s sleep, a chilly man’s fire. There is no herb like it under the canopy of heaven.”

– Charles Kingsley, 1819-1875

(This quotation also appeared on a Pall Mall cigarette print advertisement in 1937)


May 14 2011

Some posters I designed with my new Levi’s 519 skinny jeans

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Being an admirer of Levi’s denim, I photographed my new Levi’s 519 Skinny Jeans [more details at the bottom], and then arranged those photos as posters displayed below.

Levi's 519 skinny tapered jeans poster
Levi's 519 skinny tapered jeans knonie
Levi's 519 skinny tapered knonie

Further details:

I recently bought the new cut from Levi’s, categorized as 519 Skinny Tapered. It’s more like 511 Skinny, except the leg is relatively more tapered giving it an even more slim feel. I opted for the one having some real heavy finish that consists mainly of abrasion marks, that gives it a worn out and natural feel. It is manufactured in China.

This item is totally chic and recommended especially for a crisp slim look. It can be worn with regular canvas sneakers or high ankle cowboy boots, or depends on your style. This item is available from Levi’s Store Pakistan for Rs.7590.

[The camera used is Sony NEX-3]

May 10 2011

Surreal Clouds—Digital Photography Art

Posted by Knonie

Surrealism fascinates me. Last evening, clouds after rain inspired me to take some photos. Those photos came out really good, so I turned them into digital art by working further over them using Adobe products.

[Click photos to view larger version in pop-up light-box]

Surreal clouds in Rawalpindi by Knonie

Surreal clouds in Rawalpindi by Knonie

Surreal clouds in Rawalpindi by Knonie

Surreal clouds in Rawalpindi by Knonie

Surreal clouds in Rawalpindi by Knonie

Surreal clouds in Rawalpindi by Knonie

Location: Rawalpindi
Camera: Sony NEX-3
Date: 09 May, 2011

Apr 30 2011

In praise of Grunge Rock [photos]

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I was having a bit Grunge kind of feeling, so I took some photo using my webcam [Yeah, I didn’t have other camera then]. Then some photo-retouching created the kind of feel I was looking for…

[Click image to view larger version in a pop-up light-box]




[Camera: iSight of MacBook]

Jan 20 2011

“Dirty Pictures”- A digitally rendered Photograph

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Dirty Pictures

"Dirty Pictures"

Nov 15 2010

“I love Drawing” – Three digitally edited photos

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Displayed below are the three digitally edited self-portraits that I recently did.
[Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended and Wacom Bamboo Tablet on Macbook]

Knonie Drawing 01

Knonie Drawing 01

Knonie Drawing 02

Knonie Drawing 02

Knonie Drawing 03

Knonie Drawing 03

[The script on third picture says “I’m fond of drawing since childhood” in Urdu]

Sep 29 2010

Ragged Rocks- CAT Footwear and Levi’s 501 Jeans

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To relive the essence of a ragged and wild life style, wearing denim from the centuries old makers Levi’s®, and footwear, rather Walking Machines from Caterpillar® are must. Here are few photos where I’m wearing Levi’s® 501® with CAT® Footwear on sandstone steps of around 500 years old Rohtas Fort, Punjab, Pakistan.

[Click photos to enlarge]

Photo: Sheikh Zahid
Post Processing: Knonie
Camera: Nikon D90

Sep 10 2010

Real life begins after you jump off a building…

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69-An illustration in numbers

69-An illustration in numbers

“Wow, after I jumped, it occurred to me life is perfect, life is the best, full of magic, beauty, opportunity… and television… and surprises, lots of surprises, yeah. And then there’s the best stuff of course, better than anything anyone ever made up, ’cause it’s real…”

– The Million Dollar Hotel