Jul 21 2011

Private Property: Do Not Cross! – An illustrated short-story

Posted by Knonie
I wrote this short story in November 2010. It’s somewhat incomplete but I didn’t feel like completing it so I’m sharing it here. I designed some images to go with this story, which are also shared below.

Illustration "Private Property", © Knonie

I am a small bird. I’m not a small bird. I’m a fully grownup bird, but for you I’m a small bird. For me, Humans are so big, so big and so different from each other. I wanted to see what they do all day, how they gather food, how they live in safe places, and all the other things I cannot do. So I flew, leaving my nest, towards a city of Humans.

Illustration "Private Property", © Knonie

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Jun 17 2011

History of Human Race in one sentence

Posted by Knonie

I found one day in school a boy of medium size ill-treating[1] a smaller boy. I expostulated[2], but he replied: “The bigs hit me, so I hit the babies; that’s fair.” In these words he epitomized[3] the history of the human race.

– Bertrand Russell, “Education and the Social Order

[1] ill-treating: Act cruelly towards someone.
[2] Expostulate: Express strong disapproval or disagreement.
[3] Epitomized: Summarized, Provided a perfect example of.


May 27 2011

In Praise of Tobacco…

Posted by Knonie

Photo and design done by me, while the quotation is by Charles Kingsley

Tobacco- Charles Kingsley

“Tobacco, a lone man’s companion, a bachelors friend, a hungry man’s food, a sad man’s cordial, a wakeful man’s sleep, a chilly man’s fire. There is no herb like it under the canopy of heaven.”

– Charles Kingsley, 1819-1875

(This quotation also appeared on a Pall Mall cigarette print advertisement in 1937)


May 14 2011

Some posters I designed with my new Levi’s 519 skinny jeans

Posted by Knonie

Being an admirer of Levi’s denim, I photographed my new Levi’s 519 Skinny Jeans [more details at the bottom], and then arranged those photos as posters displayed below.

Levi's 519 skinny tapered jeans poster
Levi's 519 skinny tapered jeans knonie
Levi's 519 skinny tapered knonie

Further details:

I recently bought the new cut from Levi’s, categorized as 519 Skinny Tapered. It’s more like 511 Skinny, except the leg is relatively more tapered giving it an even more slim feel. I opted for the one having some real heavy finish that consists mainly of abrasion marks, that gives it a worn out and natural feel. It is manufactured in China.

This item is totally chic and recommended especially for a crisp slim look. It can be worn with regular canvas sneakers or high ankle cowboy boots, or depends on your style. This item is available from Levi’s Store Pakistan for Rs.7590.

[The camera used is Sony NEX-3]

May 10 2011

Surreal Clouds—Digital Photography Art

Posted by Knonie

Surrealism fascinates me. Last evening, clouds after rain inspired me to take some photos. Those photos came out really good, so I turned them into digital art by working further over them using Adobe products.

[Click photos to view larger version in pop-up light-box]

Surreal clouds in Rawalpindi by Knonie

Surreal clouds in Rawalpindi by Knonie

Surreal clouds in Rawalpindi by Knonie

Surreal clouds in Rawalpindi by Knonie

Surreal clouds in Rawalpindi by Knonie

Surreal clouds in Rawalpindi by Knonie

Location: Rawalpindi
Camera: Sony NEX-3
Date: 09 May, 2011

Apr 30 2011

In praise of Grunge Rock [photos]

Posted by Knonie

I was having a bit Grunge kind of feeling, so I took some photo using my webcam [Yeah, I didn’t have other camera then]. Then some photo-retouching created the kind of feel I was looking for…

[Click image to view larger version in a pop-up light-box]




[Camera: iSight of MacBook]

Apr 22 2011

Nothing is impossible for Humans…

Posted by Knonie

Nothing is impossible for Humans
Nothing is impossible for Us
Nothing is impossible for You
Nothing is impossible for Me.


If you want to see something done, just tell some human beings it can’t be done.

Make it known that it’s impossible to fly to the  moon, or run a hundred meters in nine-point-nine seconds, or solve Fermat’s Last Theorem.

Remind the world that no one has ever hit sixty-two home runs in a season, Or stuffed 18 people into a Volkswagen BugSet half the world free Or cloned a sheep.

Dangle the undoable in front of the world. Then consider it done.

– [A Merrill Lynch advertisement]

Apr 16 2011

IF Women Ruled the World…

Posted by Knonie

IF Women Ruled the World…
There would be No Wars
Just a bunch of jealous countries not talking to each other.

As funny as it seems, but it’s really a witty one-liner, especially the term “Not talking to each other“. Almost everyone has some memories related to “Not talking to each other” in their relationships and that makes it more interesting. Although, realistically speaking, this trait is common in both males and females, so women are not the one to be blamed…

Jan 20 2011

“Dirty Pictures”- A digitally rendered Photograph

Posted by Knonie
Dirty Pictures

"Dirty Pictures"

Jan 7 2011

Oh Gosh! What the Heck!!!

Posted by Knonie

“Heck was created for those who refuse to believe in Gosh”
– [Anonymous]

Jan 2 2011

More Free Alphabet Styles to decorate your Facebook profile

Posted by Knonie

Create an impact when someone visits your Facebook profile… Whether it’s your name, some greetings, or simply some word to describe you, it looks great. It’s so easy to do it in New Facebook Profile. You need to tag that word [up to 5 characters only] in a Facebook photo-album that contains those letters.

Below are the links of 3 Facebook Albums with different text styles. Use the one that suits your mood…

Visit Red Chalk Text Style Facebook-album

Facebook profile decorative namesVisit Electric Black Text Style Facebook-album

Facebook profile decorative names
Visit Blue-White Text Style Facebook-album

Facebook profile decorative names


  • Visit the Facebook album of your choice from the list above. Tag your word in reverse over. e.g. If you want to show “HELLO”, you should tag words in this order: O, L, L, E, H.
  • Since a single photo cannot be tagged twice, each character is present twice in the album, so you can use double letters too.
  • If you’re tagged in some other photo and see your word disturbed, you don’t necessarily need to untag yourself in new photo. To remove a tile, just move your mouse over the unwanted photo in your profile thumbnail images, and a cross [x] will appear. Use it to remove the newly tagged photo.

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Dec 31 2010

Fun with Facebook display pictures to make your profile so cool

Posted by Knonie

After sharing some creative ideas in yesterday’s post, here’s another episode…

Do you want something like the images below?

All you need is some properly sized images with letters written over them. Upload them in you Facebook album, and tag the alphabets in reverse order.

Or simple visit this Facebook album, and tag your names:
Facebook Album

To remove some character from your profile, move your mouse over that thumbnail image, and a small cross [x] will appear. That will remove that photo.

All these characters are available for FREE download as zip HREE

Instructions: If you want to do it on your own, download and extract the files from the link above. Upload the required characters in your Facebook album. Tag those images and see your profile.

Dec 30 2010

Some Creative ideas for new Facebook Profile

Posted by Knonie

The recent update of Facebook layout offers displaying of 5 thumbnails of your recently tagged photos on your Profile page. That feature stirred creativity in many users resulting in many innovative concepts enhancing the look of Facebook Profile. Below are few designs I made.

[Click images to for larger view]

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Dec 13 2010

Who ate the third loaf of bread? A tale from Jesus

Posted by Knonie

This spiritual tale is related to Jesus, and it contains a moral about the concept of life of this World.

It is beautifully designed by Abobakr Mohammed. Video uses animated type style usually called Kinetic Typography. It’s a treat for your eyes and mind.