Aug 23 2011

The kind of “Love” we actually need to understand

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In our society, we’ve become myopic and obsessive about one
 particular kind of love: dyadic love, which takes the form 
of romance, sex and marriage. As a result we end up asking 
all the wrong questions. Books about relationships talk 
about how to “get” the love you need, how to “keep” love 
and so on. But the right question to ask is “How do I 
become a more loving human being?”

– Sam Keen, American author, professor and philosopher

Learn to live together- Martin Luther King Jr, ©Knonie

Aug 15 2011

The Red Fort of India appearing on Google logo…

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On 15th August 2011, Google displayed a doodle to celebrate India’s Independence Day, as shared below:

Google doodle for India independence day showing Laal Qila, Delhi, The Red Fort

A very vibrant doodle, showing a massive fort known as Laal Qila [The Red Fort] situated in Delhi, India. It was built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in the 17th Century. Now a days, it’s a tourist attraction.

Aug 14 2011

Pakistan has got a Google doodle for Birthday…

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So for the first time, Google gave attention to Pakistan by publishing a doodle on their Independence Day, i.e. 14th August, 2011.

Here’s the doodle:

Google doodle for Pakistan Independence Day

Google doodle for Pakistan Independence Day

Green color depicts the green in Pakistani Flag, while a monument Minar-e-Pakistan [National Tower of Pakistan] replaces the letter “l”. Crescent and star are used to make the top of letter “g”, while some rays of light and stars create an illuminating effect. I shared this logo with my Facebook friends and it was instantly appreciated and loved.

Thanks Google! We love you too!!!

Aug 10 2011

Thank you People, especially Muslims!!!

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Thank you people, for NOT labelling the entire England as ill-cultured and reactive!
Thank you people, for NOT blaming the entire youth of England for violence!
Thank you Muslims, for NOT generalizing anything for entire nation, just because of the act of a few!

This way, you are giving this world a lesson that we should not blame ANY Nation or Faith just because of the condemnable acts of few people among them.

Understand and Tolerate– That’s the way to global peace!

This is peace

[This note is written in response to the latest riots in many parts of England, and by seeing the reactions from the updates of my Facebook friends]

Jun 26 2011

Quran is not read and understood. It is simply [mis]quoted….

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Islam is cool, a poster design by Knonie

"Islam is Cool". We disapprove false interpretations and misquoting of religions

“Reading the Quran is far easier said than done. So instead of actually being read, it’s usually simply quoted. The Quranic quotations tend to be highly selective and out of context. In other words, they are not really quotations at all—they are misquotations. And it’s not only non Muslims who do this. The people who use Quran this way are both Muslims and non Muslims, i.e Conservative Islamists and Conservative Islamophobes. Both groups use, what I call, The Highlighter Version of the Quran. Feeding each other the same out-of-context quotes, reinforcing each others prejudices and extremism to the extent of the highlighter version often includes phrases that simply aren’t there.

So fundamentalist Muslims and non Muslims conservatives are basically partners in stereotyping of Islam as violent and extremist.”

— Lesley Hazleton, delivering a lecture at Islamic Center of America.

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Jun 19 2011

Have you ever wondered where paper clips go?

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Lloyd’s bank of London kept track of 100,000 paper clips. Only about 20,000 were used to clip papers together. Of the others, 14,163 were twisted during conversations on the telephone, 19,143 were used as card game chips, 7,200 held clothing together, 5,423 were used to pick teeth or scratch ears, 5,308 cleaned fingernails, 3,916 unplugged tobacco pipes. The remaining 25,000 were swept into the trash after falling on the floor.

So most of the times, we only use less than quarter of the total paper-clips we have, and all the rest are wasted.

Jun 17 2011

History of Human Race in one sentence

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I found one day in school a boy of medium size ill-treating[1] a smaller boy. I expostulated[2], but he replied: “The bigs hit me, so I hit the babies; that’s fair.” In these words he epitomized[3] the history of the human race.

– Bertrand Russell, “Education and the Social Order

[1] ill-treating: Act cruelly towards someone.
[2] Expostulate: Express strong disapproval or disagreement.
[3] Epitomized: Summarized, Provided a perfect example of.


Jun 15 2011

Deen-o-duniya in the time of commercialism

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A photo of the exterior of a General Store in Morgah, Rawalpindi…


Jun 13 2011

Tempting Treats: Pakistani Food is the richest and tastiest…

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Whoever lives in Pakistan knows the variety and richness Pakistani cuisine has to offer. It includes all those traditional dishes mostly cooked using chicken and other meats, rice, vegetables, pulses, etc. These dishes mostly use various spices to create unique flavours, a speciality of dishes from India and Pakistan, the old neighbors.

Last week, we had a family dinner at our place and my mother cooked some dishes for our honorable guests. I took few photos of the food being served which I’m sharing here…

Biryani, Pakistani rice dish

Biryani, Pakistani rice dish

Boneless chicken

Boneless chicken

Chappal Kebab [Pakistani Beef Kebabs]

Chappal Kebab (Pakistani Beef Kebabs)

Roasted Chicken

Roasted Chicken

Biryani, Pakistani rice dish

Biryani, Pakistani rice dish

Mango ice cream with fresh mango chunks

Mango ice cream with fresh mango chunks

Fruit Trifle with Jellies

Fruit Trifle with Jellies

A glass of Coke...

A glass of Coke...

May 31 2011

Two Monks and a Girl- Inspirational Zen Story

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A little Baby Crane [بگلے کا بیٹا ]

Two traveling monks reached a river where they met a young woman. Wary of the current, she asked if they could carry her across. One of the monks hesitated, but the other quickly picked her up onto his shoulders, transported her across the water, and put her down on the other bank. She thanked him and departed.

As the monks continued on their way, one was brooding and preoccupied. Unable to hold his silence, he spoke out. “Brother, our spiritual training teaches us to avoid any contact with women, but you picked that one up on your shoulders and carried her!”

“Brother,” the second monk replied, “I set her down on the other side, while you are still carrying her.”

– [A Zen story]

May 28 2011

Don’t Save Earth- Save Yourself!!!

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Myth: we have to save the earth.

Frankly, the earth doesn’t need to be saved. Nature doesn’t give a hoot if human beings are here or not. The planet has survived cataclysmic and catastrophic changes for millions upon millions of years. Over that time, 99% of all species have come and gone while the planet has remained. Saving the environment is really about saving our environment — making it safe for ourselves, our children, and the world as we know it. If more people saw the issue as one of saving themselves, we would probably see increased motivation and commitment to actually do so.

– [Robert M. Lilienfeld and William L. Rathje]

May 27 2011

In Praise of Tobacco…

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Photo and design done by me, while the quotation is by Charles Kingsley

Tobacco- Charles Kingsley

“Tobacco, a lone man’s companion, a bachelors friend, a hungry man’s food, a sad man’s cordial, a wakeful man’s sleep, a chilly man’s fire. There is no herb like it under the canopy of heaven.”

– Charles Kingsley, 1819-1875

(This quotation also appeared on a Pall Mall cigarette print advertisement in 1937)


May 22 2011

Modern definition of a Circuit

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Electricity originates inside clouds. There it forms into lightning, which is attracted to the Earth by golfers. After entering the ground, the electricity hardens into coal, which, when dug up by power companies and burned in big ovens called ‘generators,’ turns back into electricity where it is transformed by TV sets into commercials for beer, which passes through the consumers and back into the ground, thus completing what is known as a “circuit”.

– Dave Barry

May 10 2011

The Power of Belief and the secret of Happy Relationships

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Complaining attracts more reasons to complain, and finally you end up being annoyed, because the other person looks unbearable to you. Appreciation and hope opens a way to more reasons to be hopeful and appreciating.

I used to complain the negligence and rudeness of my friends, and I realised that my relations became weak. They also started avoiding me because they knew I will complain. Then I tried the being grateful” method. I remained thankful for whatever the other person gave me. I believed it is pure love that’s been showered upon me. I tried the power of belief and trust. When you really believe and feel something to be true, it happens.

[April 2011, Originally written as a message to a Friend]