Aug 27 2013

Money-folding fun

Posted by Knonie

I made this by folding Pakistani currency notes. I used Rs. 100 for head, and Rs. 50 for shirt.

Jinnah, money-folding. ©knonie

Apr 1 2013

My first Shadow Art

Posted by Knonie

With the help of some Aluminum foil and a flash-light, here’s the shadow sculpture I made.

Those related to Pakistan can identify this silhouette. It is the famous Faisal Mosque in Islamabad.

Jan 6 2013

A less boring world…

Posted by Knonie

A passage from Banksy’s book “Existencilism”. What a wonderful idea…


Jul 26 2012

The Meeting

Posted by Knonie

Clay faces

When you saw me, without false robes
You offered your heart

When I held your hands
I touched your heart

You talked to me
but had a conversation with yourself

We met each other wearing mirrors
and fell in love with each other

(Knonie, 7 May, 2011)

Jul 3 2012

“You are what you look at” – Digital Art

Posted by Knonie

[Click images to view larger version]

May 19 2012

Aura of a singular person- Digital Expressions

Posted by Knonie

“With forms and colours, with truth and lies,
I fell in love with you.
With pictures and drawings, with clothing and nakedness,
and everything I did to say what I otherwise cannot say.”

— Knonie.
Aura of a singular person - 01
Aura of a singular person - 02
Aura of a singular person - 03

Mar 2 2012

“We Want Change” – Butterflies and Lota

Posted by Knonie

My newest work, inspired by the smell of dirty politics…

"We Want Change" © Knonie
"We Want Change" © Knonie
"We Want Change" © Knonie
"We Want Change" © Knonie

“Yahan <inqalaab> karna manaa hai”

"We Want Change" © Knonie

Feb 23 2012

3D structure from peas and toothpicks

Posted by Knonie

I saw some fresh peas in the kitchen this evening and picked up a few to my room. I thought about making some 3D model using these peas and toothpicks. It reminds me of the same activity I used to do during childhood but that was restricted to making cube and simple shapes only. After much effort, I finally came to something that I was looking for. Then took and processed some photos and here they are, shared below. This polyhedron uses pentagonal-base and square-base pyramids.

Toothpicks and peas polyhedron. © Knonie
Toothpicks and peas polyhedron. © Knonie
Toothpicks and peas polyhedron. © Knonie

Please note that all photos feature the same structure from different perspectives.

Toothpicks and peas polyhedron. © Knonie

Jan 11 2012

“Yahan inqalaab karna manaa hai” – Visual expressions

Posted by Knonie

Inspired by the local graffiti in Urdu, telling the public how to behave, and thus taking part in revolutionizing the psyche of the masses. How lovely it looks when we hang the beautiful patterns of such social revolution on our walls…


Yahan inqalaab karna manaa hai, Part III, © Knonie
Yahan inqalaab karna manaa hai, Part II, © Knonie
Yahan inqalaab karna manaa hai, Part I, © Knonie

Dec 26 2011

“Buy One, Get One” – Photographic overview of an art exhibition

Posted by Knonie

On a cold evening of 23 December, I went to see an art exhibition by a renowned Pakistani artist Hasnat Mehmood held at Rohtas Gallery, Islamabad.

Apparently, the displayed art pieces were looking a bit simple, and the familiar subjects were directly inspired by the famous and iconic works from art history that includes Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, The Starry Night by Van Gogh, Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol, Royal portraits of Mughal Emperor Shah Jehan and his Queen Mumtaz Mahal, and some works from older seals and reliefs of old civilisations. On closer viewing, that simplicity turns into complexity, and you find out that these works are created using graphite on paper in quick continuous circular strokes, taking care as to maintain the various tones. That lack of hard straight lines produced a very soft feel to the overall art pieces. Most of these works carry some label on them, that includes the actual title and name of the actual artist, along with text like “Made in China” or the mention of some other countries that provide cheap labour like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan. This idea is quite strong in the modern sense of Capitalism, but apart from that, these works are visually very pleasing and they give different flavours depending on the distance of the viewer.

Work © Hasnat Mehmood, Photo © Knonie

I tried to explore the beauty of those works using my camera, and here are few of the shots I’d like to share.

You can subscribe to Hasnat’s Facebook Page to stay updated.

Dec 22 2011

“This Revolution is for display purposes only”

Posted by Knonie

"This Revolution is for display purposes only", Part 1. © knonie

"This Revolution is for display purposes only", Part 2. © knonie

"This Revolution is for display purposes only", Part 3. © knonie

Oct 21 2011

Face sculpture made from old newspapers

Posted by Knonie

Working with paper is interesting, and during the time I was experimenting for creating different paper surfaces and textures by various treatments, I thought about making a face using old newspaper. I used a face I made from Plaster of Paris as a guide, and using strips of paper and glue, formed an embossed face. Some other treatments like applying tea, golden water-based colors, etc. were then applied to enhance the look. I might make such thing in a bit larger size someday. Currently that one is about 6 inches in height.

Click images to open in a light-box for larger version.

Newspaper Face, ©KnonieNewspaper Face, ©KnonieNewspaper Face, ©KnonieNewspaper Face, ©Knonie

Jul 16 2011

How I made a 3D paper model of Hyacinth Macaw [Large Parrot]

Posted by Knonie

Few weeks back when I shared the photos of a 3D paper model of a Hyacinth Macaw on my Facebook page, it was very much appreciated by the friends and other viewers. Some of them even personally contacted me to appreciate it and to find out how I made that.
3D Paper Hyacinth Macaw [parrot]
3D Paper Hyacinth Macaw [parrot]

Some time back, while I was in a “Craft-making” mood, I searched for some 3D paper models to work on. Luckily I found a great resource on Yamaha site of Paper Crafts. They are offering free templates for various kinds of paper models like Yamaha Motorbikes, Animals and other creatures, pop-up cards, etc. They range from simple to complex but you can choose according to your level of skills. You need to print the design on A4 sheets, cut, glue and assemble the parts according to the instructions given on the website.

Happy Crafting! 😉

Jul 14 2011

“A Journey to Self”- Light-Painting digital photography

Posted by Knonie

Light painting is not a new technique and every photography enthusiast has used it in his own unique way. Through these series of photographs involving symbolism created through light-painting technique, I have explored a Soul’s spiritual journey to its Ultimate Existence.

Birth - A light painting by Knonie


Desire - A light painting by Knonie


Seduction - A light painting by Knonie


Passion - A light painting by Knonie


Ecstasy - A light painting by Knonie


Self - A light painting by Knonie