Who is Knonie? And what If I hadn’t met him? – Rick

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And what if I hadn't met him?

The god of small G.


Often, I sit down and think,
What if I hadn’t met Knonie?

Then somebody tells me,
“Your life wouldn’t be Aligned”
People like him, may not be one in millions, but may be one in billions.

I would say such a thing for I have lived the most important 10 years of my life with him, where I had to choose my direction, create my goals and focus on them, make right decisions at right time, set priorities, and how to accomplish them.

This man made it happen for me. Thanks Knonie for being a greater part of my life, and teaching me how to design your life in a pretty way. You taught me how  to align with life. I agree, you are Knonie.
Yours Truly,


2 Responses to “Who is Knonie? And what If I hadn’t met him? – Rick”

  • Knonie Knonie Says:

    Oh I wonder when did I ever talk about being aligned when I’m all full of misalignments. It’s always up to you how you listen and experience life yourself. I thank you for all the trust you have given me throughout.

    And most important, anyone can talk good things, but the real thing is believing in it and “doing” it. Cast your fears aside and things become easy and possible.

  • Knonie Knonie Says:

    And by the way, I really love the way you designed that, especially love your name in the footer.

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