Not a Suicide Note…

Posted by Knonie

They are making a fool out of you.

They can sense your strength, they can feel your uniqueness, and that is what keeps them restless.

No matter how busy they are, they have time for you, because you are still not like everyone else.

They take you as an alien or a rebel, so they disapprove you altogether. Some are kind, so they tend to make you feel understood. They will hardly change their own principles, but make you change yours. They will change your glasses so that you could see the world the way they want.

They will make you suffer for the unseen things. They will live their life in a way that will give you a constant sense of guilt. Yes, you are responsible for their hurt and tears, this is what they want you to think. They will keep on giving you some small amounts of sympathies to make you feel protected, and pleasures to keep you curious, but will spend the greater time to make you feel sad and tired… Or precisely “Tied”.

They will make you live under certain patterns, and make you believe that it is the only way. They will put conditions that take your freedom. They will bound you to the promises of a better tomorrow for which you will be held responsible. They will do anything to make you suffer during the time when your life has the greatest amount of passion and zeal. They will distract you from all the places till you feel your passions are worthless. They will take the worth out of everything… every little thing that was once a source of joy for you.

They are making a fool out of you. Yes, all of them.

Don’t let anyone kill you.

Be careful.

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