My Phobias and other annoying things…!!!

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My Phobias… Hey, I don’t even know what this term actually means in Psychology…

As a human being, I too have many. The thing is that I realized many of them and controlled them a lot. That’s the most interesting part…

According to my rules, there are two solutions of overcoming your fears:

  1. Avoid that thing, if possible.
  2. Try to learn to live with it, steadily.


Those legged creatures are too annoying, especially when they crawl on your body. I used to fear them a lot when I was a kid. But gradually, I have changed my habits (perception). And now I take these things so ordinary that still I like to catch insects, bugs in my hands. These include Ladybirds, Mantis, Grasshoppers, Crickets, Ants, butterflies and moths, spiders, bees, wasps… still looking for cockroaches.


It’s not that strong fear, but still, I don’t feel comfortable being on the edges of high roofs and looking down. Maybe, it’s a fear of falling. So I don’t usually peep from the roofs.

Certain People:

I don’t feel comfortable sitting in the company of elder people, people having narrow [mental] vision and people wearing Army Uniforms or formal dresses.


I don’t like being into places where people fight, especially physical beating. Similarly, I don’t like wars, neither watch news of this sort. I think that most of our cases can also be solved peacefully.


I always wish to stay away from any big accident or mishap, fire, drowning, road accident, etc.


That phobia is somewhat still here. I hate vehicles. I always wish to have those old chariots days, or just bicycles around… but we can’t help it, these fast moving vehicles are a must. Still, I haven’t practiced driving and not intended to. I guess, I’ll do it somehow if I ever try.


[Originally written on Aug 25, 2005]

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