With You, You and more You

Posted by Knonie

The point is not what I am without you. I don’t know it. What I know is I am never without you. Two souls living in one body or one soul living in two bodies. It’s just something I don’t know. I don’t know how to explain and I always end up using the similar words we have already read in stories and never thought how they taste in reality. It’s something like you become ecstatic, things and life becomes clearer. You exist in some ultimate existence. You feel you are really alive. You realize your self. Existence!

It was always “I” against the rest of the world. You say you are a fighter like me, and that’s what brought us together. I show you what you have missed and you tell me what I haven’t heard. Other people of the world are like actors in this great play of life, and we are doing the things we should do, without being distracted by the numerous people playing their own specific roles.

I’m not good for anyone else, and each new day confirms this statement. There are some specific times when I can give a bit of myself to others, but the way it is with you, no one is even close. It is only you or no one else, and when there’s no one else, I feel my existence will be useless. If you are not real, then I must say that nothing is real. If you are not real then God is not real, and the computer is not real, and my father watching game on television downstairs is not real. Without your reality, everything will cease to exist. Yes, I’m not good for anyone else.

There’s one special person like me, and there I see the rest of this world trying to take you away and making you weak. What if they let you go. Can’t they spare just one person, just you. When I hold your hand and feel you near, I no longer fear the world. If you feel the same, please come… It’s so hard to wait so many years… a lifetime…


I'm an adventurer,© Knonie

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