Wild Cannabis in pictures

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In the area I live, wild cannabis [Urdu: Bhang] is found in almost all of the abandoned land. Starting from spring, these plants last till entire summers, and usually reach up to 3-4 feet. This plant bears that iconic leaf, symbolized in hippie and pop culture related to weed/hash/dope, and often a sign of mental liberation, which is obtained from a similar species of this plant.

Here are few photos I took on a recent outdoor trip. Click photos to view larger and detailed versions.

Cannabis, Photo © Knonie
Cannabis, Photo © Knonie
Cannabis, Photo © Knonie
Cannabis, Photo © Knonie

Location: Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

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  • Mariam Asghar Says:

    Hello…Mr Knonie…!!!
    Interesting name by the way….!!

    Well i just stumbled upon ur blog…not that i knew abt it or anything..and looking at this perticular post of yours on Cannabis…i was intrigued and thouht JUST MAY BE…..MAAAAAY BEE…you could b e of some help to me…

    Welll first—–just a question…!!
    What is exactly Cannabis or marijuana called in pakistan…and is it the same thing that is almost grown every where around the country???

    I dont live in Pakistan but i plan to be there and wanted to know if its the same plant i see almost every where going from Lahore to pindi and up north towards Muree!!!

    The reason i ask is coz i need some light on this topic..and since u are from Pakistan and very much aware, you could help me….!!!

    I was searching abt Cannabis and its pictures on google and came about your blog…

    Apparently any important site that could have given me any idea or information abt the topic has been sadly blocked by my (ohhh soo much pain int he arse)internet provider…!!!

    They practically block everything that just simply either, offensive, illegal, illicit, stupid, humorous, awkward and any thing that falls into that category…..!!

    I mean we cant even research on topic that carry the above vibration….!!!

    so i cant open much of the sites…!!

    so please help me….Its not that i am a drug addict or wana be stoned or something…never have and dont even intend to do that…but what i am interested is in the Juice…!!

    You see when u have the juice of raw Cannabis—Its non psychoactive and the vitamins, minerals and fatty acids actually elp you and heal you majorly……

    I have heard that int he west its treating ppl with arthritis and even cancer…..to top it off, Autistic kids are healing and showing great results…!!

    Since i am an energy healer and healing is my forte —I am actually very much interested in this plant….

    If i use my energy healing with the juice, i know Ppl who come to me for help can be healed on a faster pace…!!!

    Soo i really need to know, if this so called taboo plant can actually be acquired easily and juiced…trust me….if it does….I know ppl who cant afford heavy and expensive treatment –can be relieved..!!!

    Pleasee your input would be highly regarded and…

    NICE BLOG BTW…!!!!

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