Of Satan and other personal evils

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It was a magnificent fountain carved in ruby that was making very sweet melodies when the fine pearls were striking it instead of water droplets. On its edge, he was sitting, perplexed.

“Greetings, Iblis!” a gentle voice of an angel was heard. “I just came here to gather some pearls, as I am ordered to decorate the bank of that stream around there…”

“Oh well, yes, go ahead. After all, I belong here no more.” Iblis responded in a low tone.

The angel did not say anything. He did not need to say anything, or maybe he did not want to indulge in a conversation, or maybe he lacked this property of his brain, and even presence of a real “brain” is debatable.

“You already know what happened. In fact, everyone knows about it.” Iblis continued speaking to his freshly arrived listener.

“I was publicly humiliated (if that is what you call ‘Public’), and why for? You know why? Because of nothing. Just because of the fact that I said the truth.”

The devil in me, © Knonie

Apart from the high-ranked Archangels specified for doing their specific tasks, we are unaware of the angelic nomenclature or anything that can help us in knowing what these other uncountable worker-angels are called. This is the very reason we are referring to our angel in this story as “Angel”, and hence it should be taken as the same angel that came to pick the pearls.

“But you disobeyed, and you publicly disobeyed.” Angel remarked.

“That was not disobedience. You know what I said was right.”

“I cannot say it was right, as you received a harsh punishment for it.”

“No, No, No. I can never disobey my Creator. Am I not here to worship Him and to do nothing but what He asks me?”

Angel nodded.

“So how could I disobey then? No!”

Iblis looked upwards as if it was his final look at the sky so heavenly.

“You know why I said so. Because I am made of much superior and finer element. I am Fire. What this Adam is, but an inferior and so coarse an element. Earth, you see. He is Earth, dust, clay and stones. And you know it too. I have my value, I have my pride. I cannot submit myself to this creation.”

“And pride is what caused this suffering upon you.” Angel replied as if some truth was suddenly revealed to him.

“Pride is my right. I am superior to him. And I cannot tolerate if my beloved Master, the Creator and soul of everything, prefers anything inferior over me. I am a servant, but a servant of my Master only. I cannot lower myself to another creation, and never to this Adam.”

“I cannot say anything.” Angel then said. He again did not have anything to say.

“What is your existence, but a duty. You do not even know the taste of pride. It is doubtful that you posses the power of free-will.”

“I do not need to know about anything I do not know.”

“Well, you can go now as I can see you have enough pearls. Go and decorate that fountain and that is what you are made for.”

Ignoring this comment, the angel softly disappeared from the view.

Facing towards the fountain, Iblis closed his eyes and everything became so dark. At that moment, a resounding voice was heard on Earth.

“Whenever you disobey and use your own free-will to choose the path you should not choose, you can always believe that it was not you but I who was behind it. This is the reason why I am cursed, because you, humans, are my curse.”

Dead silence.

Now nobody has anything to say to anyone else.

“Here – is – the – co – ffeeee…!!!”

He was there in front of me holding two large coffee mugs, frothy and steaming.

“Oh, you’re back and you have no idea what I was thinking a while ago”

“Oh yes, I do have an idea about the flight of your thoughts… and the weirdness too, which is always my favorite feature. But you also have no idea what I was thinking while making this coffee”

Curious, I asked what he was thinking about.

“Who (the ****) is this devil anyway?” He spoke.

Looking into my eyes, he readily read the expressions that I was also thinking about something similar, both of us giggled and turned our faces towards the garden indulging ourselves in our hot afternoon coffee.

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