If it’s really you…

Posted by Knonie

In my most private moments and during my sacred rituals, you are there with me. You are there in my happiness, in my pain, in my wishes and in all the things I could think of. You are the one who lulls me to sleep every night, and you are the one who wakes me up every morning.

The closer I’m coming to you, the farther I am leaving everything else behind. I do not need the people and the memories of the past. I was hurt, I had cried and suffered, I have spent sleepless nights and painful days, but still I kept on looking for you in everyone, believing that one day I will find you. The one who understands, the one who feels you and becomes the part of your body and soul.

Like a drop losing its separate existence after mingling with sea, I am beginning to lose the part of my self and ego, and becoming more like a part of your existence.

It is only you… It is only you…
And if it’s really you, then I know you feel it too.

Strawberry rose carving, © Knonie

Strawberry rose carving, © Knonie

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  • Monika Schurmann Says:

    Hey Knonie,

    I’m a freelance permissions editor and I’m working on a high school Food textbook. We’re interested in printing your strawberry flower. Is it available for license?



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