And the dead beloved writes…

Posted by Knonie

You know, after so many years, when things will become more stable, agreeable and normal, you’ll see that the most amazing moments of your life were spent with me. There are thousands of other things that make you happy but there you see I stand out. Wasn’t I really made for you? Wasn’t I really came into your life because you also needed me in your life?

Faces and Numbers, © Knonie

It may sound strange, but you are the last person I ever loved, and in fact, still only love you while you’re reading this.

You helped me realise who am I, and then everything started to become clear…

Every day you live is a new day for you. You don’t even need to remember me ever. I have so become a part of you.

Someone to understand you the way you are, someone to share your everything. Someone to understand you the way you are and the way you understand them. Someone to laugh and cry with, someone to love and avoid, whenever we want.

When someone doesn’t have anyone to share, anyone to listen, he become lonely, no matter even if he talks all day. Sharing is love. I’m feeling hungry. Hey, share me a chocolate over the internet…

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  • SD Says:

    What a beautiful way to feel the subtle hint of a presence in life which stays on the side lines yet,is very pronounced in its own being. Beautiful insight knonie………….keep writing……..keep sharing…………god bless you.

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