Do not correct the world!!!

Posted by Knonie

Hand, Photo © Knonie

If you have got your practical copies, class assignments and projects made by someone else, then how can you talk about supporting fair policies. If you have used your contacts to save yourself if mischievous police ever caught you, then how can you talk about justice? What about pointing out the corrupt government when we have never thought about the negativities found in ourselves? This is certainly hypocrisy if you do so…

Everybody needs to correct himself. Most of the times, the leaders are merely some cunning people who want to use the simple nature of the ordinary crowd. Never let anyone deceive and misuse you. You are provided with the power of thinking. Use it well!

There’s a story associated with Jesus Christ. Once a group came with a woman, and told Jesus that this woman is a sinner and they must stone her to death. Jesus said that you can stone her, but the first stone should be thrown by the person who has never sinned.

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