“Tere gham ko jaan ki talash thi”, Ghazal by Faiz sung by Knonie

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Check the embedded video to listen to the track in my voice. I recited that ghazal without any music. Recorded on MacBook using a Sony microphone.


I asked a friend to help me out translating it. Although it’s almost impossible to produce the same feel of a piece of writing in another language while translating and it is such a skillful art, but presented below is the [loose] English translation of this ghazal of Faiz. It is done by my intelligent friend Bolongo Katayama.

English Translation:

Your sorrow needed blood to nurture, (alas!) your sacrificial enthusiasts have left. Those who were longing for their turn, (alas!) they were swept away by the time’s tide.

After being defeated by your deafening apathy, (alas!) the night of longing elapsed. At my dogged determination, all my sympathizers left.

There left no question of blissful communion, nor the renditions of sorrow, neither tales nor complaints. In your reign, all the rights of bemoaning heart subsided.

It was me who was cloaked in the robe of accusation. But proudly wearing those scars I reached the counsel of my beloved.

The passions of love and fidelity no longer exist; what would you do of gallows and chains then? Those who hailed the vice of love, (alas!) those transgressors have left.

Urdu Script:

Below is a photo of this specific page from the complete works of Faiz Ahmed Faiz in Urdu, compilation titled “Nuskha-haaye wafa

Tere gham ko jaan ki talash thi, by Faiz Ahmad Faiz

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