Collection of Orkut Testimonials I have written to my friends in 2004-2006

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Dushman har koi--Sajjan koi koi. [So many enemies-- So fewer friends]Back during 2004-2006, I used Orkut, one of the social networking communities, and had a wonderful social networking experience. During that I even come to know many new nice people. Orkut profiles offered a place where friends can write testimonials about you.

Followed here are the testimonials I have written to my friends during that time. Read below and you’ll see how nice friends I have. It also tells a bit about my personality…

AmmO: (2/4/2006)

My Little Sis… My Childhood friend… Bachpan ki dost.

We talk a lot, discuss a lot, and share a lot. Ghar mein sab say ziada mairi issi say tou banti hai. We even use each other’s jackets and tops.

We converse about Books, Music, Movies, Psychology, Philosophy, Government, Culture, Behaviours, Trends, Medical, Science, Arts, Technology, Boys & Girls… and what not!

She’s a nice person… Peaceful at heart… Sensible, Sincere and a bit naively Innocent.

She’s imaginative as well as pragmatic in her approach towards life.

Always wishing her the best of everything!

Love You!

Shuja Ahmad: (2/10/2006)

Shuja is one of the loveliest people I know.

My little friend…
My Rocky…
My younger brother…
My cute cuddly teddy…

I sometimes complain why God has sent me on Earth so many years earlier, otherwise, we both must be sharing PS2, talking about our favourite wrestling stars, or simply playing with pet doggies. Even having some considerable age difference, he’s a great companion. He shares so many things with me… we discuss about various stuff and enjoy a lot.

We both like Chocolates & Sweets; we both don’t like Pokémon… that’s why, we both are cool!!!

I really love his way of talking… so sweet. His innocent ways and straight-forward style of saying things is another trait I admire. This person really makes me happy. Sometimes he laughs, in fact, laughs out loud at some little joke I crack, and that’s the best part.

And in the end, a prayer that may God always keep you in His special protection, and may you always smile!!!

Fawad Raza: (7/8/2006)

My sweet cousin…

Soft natured, friendly attitude… A loving person.

Being my family member, I know him quite closely. We were good friends when we were young, but now, we are buddies.

This person is full of fun… always having interesting stories to share.

And yes, he’s a music freak. His choice is superb… great classical Rock…

One thing that is common in us is our nick names…
He’s also “Nonie”, although, he doesn’t use it much.

Good Luck, buddy, Always!!!

Mario: (7/8/2006)

My Cousin…

A lively person… What else?!

I think “Life’s a Sport – Play it!!!” is his punch line…

He’s got a passionate soul…
A restless creature he is… always looking for a way to grow up, to chill, to enjoy, to experience, and to live.

I always admire his love of great music… He introduced me to many great tracks.
And he sometimes writes… wonderful lyrics.

Best of luck for everything you do!

Usman Raza [U2o]: (7/8/2006)

My li’l buddy…

Surely the Best, and one of its kind dude.

It’s real hard to choose his single best quality… He’s full of all the good things.

Pleasant and cheerful personality, friendly behavior, well-bred nature, sincerity, mature way of thinking, trustworthiness, straight-forwardness, etc… few of the traits that he possesses.

He loves listening Music… playing guitar… and he always shares with me whatever new tunes he learns.
Then, there comes Soccer, another of his passion…

And yes, he’s a very good listener… At least he listens to all my stupid stories with interest.

Go Ahead Janoo… I can see a very successful person in you!!!

Haider Rana: (7/8/2006)

Mera Chotoo… Mera piyara bhai…

Interesting nature hai… mazay mazay ki batain karta hai apnay typical style mein.

He’s got a real good nature… Kabhi serious, Kabhi Fun.
Apni tarah ka Scorpion hai… so it’s not easy to understand him.

Mood mein hota hai tou barra acha lagta hai, laikin zrra sa serious hou tou barra darr lagta hai mujhay.
[Yar her waqt Shughal lagaty raha karo… Tum per suit karta hai!]

Cars ka deewana hai… Sports ka bhi… Aur Musst type Music ka bhi…

And not to forget, he’s quite Stylish…
and the good thing is that all the good stuff suits him.

Chotoo, you see, I made you *da BEST* outta *Dr. Pepper*…

Always stay *da BEST*…!!!

Asad Abbas Khan: (11/11/2005)

Here he is…
Grab Him!!!

He’s the person who dragged me into this @#$% world of orkut.
[Just because he can’t imagine a life without me, maybe.]

He’s Strange, He’s Stupid
He’s Cool… He’s Hot
He’s Cunning… He’s Dumb
He’s This… He’s That.

Matlab Ajeeb Wahiyat insaan hai ye…

Bakwas bhi karay ga, Ajeeb apni-he-type ka koi humor chhoray ga, Moti si Awaz mein mujhay songs sunaye ga…
Magar kia karoon…
Ab bechara mujhay achha he itna lugta hai tou sub kuch bardasht karna parta hai.

Moreover, we both are a sort of Typical Scorpios… So we both know how to behave at which place. Larai aur behes karna tou must hai ’cause is k baghair guzara nahi… magar aik baar aisi zabardust larai ki kay saal say ziyada ho gaya aur hum nay baat tuk na ki… But we both knew what the suitable-time-to-mend-it-all is. So Ab sub set hai.

He’s a great friend…
A nice company…

Love you buddy!!!

ViCiOuS: (9/29/2005)

“Sam is my _Saheli_…”
I guess this line is enough from a […] person like me.

Most of the times we talk, it’s like we are arguing… or quarrelling… as we both think that we know the answers of [almost] everything… so we both always try to prove that.

One interesting thing, we both never tried to figure out whether we are Friends or not. Buss, we do what we feel like. Laraii bhi karni hai aur share bhi karma hai. [Waisay laraii yehi start karti hai]

This girl is not easy… I mean easy to understand. So if you are a-person-who-always-follows-the-crowd type, it’s recommended to stay away from her.

Sometimes, she approaches life through a narrow frame and negative thoughts… and that’s what I don’t like, and I’m still trying to fix it up.

Aur achhay achhay cute Cartoons ki dewaani hai.

And also, there’s so much more about Sam… But I’m still trying to explore her nature.

Fahd Ali Asif: (9/29/2005)

I don’t know from which clay this person is made of. He is always up to doing something BIG. Always planning some unique kind of projects that always surprise me. I know, it’s hard for him to accomplish them without a dedicated team, but still his ideas are really like Life-changing and World-changing type.

I know Fahad through net, just while talking about some Audio problem. He proved out to be a very sincere fellow. He shares a lot… discusses many things, and the best thing in that he’s such a good listener. He listens, follows, and if confused, he asks and asks again to clarify.

Music… he loves it. Got a good voice… bulkay very good vocals. I listened to his personal recordings of songs and they are really Good. [Knonie kisi cheez ko achha kahay tou wo achhi he hoti hai!]

Half-Genius–Half-Creative–Half-Technical–Half-Sensible… In fact he’s composed of so many good things.

Wishing you all the best buddy… for all your unique creative thoughts!!!

MAnZzZz [Imran Khalid]: (7/13/2005)

Maanie… My Sweet buddy…

Yes, he’s a sweet person to be with. And being a Scorpio [like me], I believe that he’s got so much uniqueness in him [I’m still discovering ;-)].

His polite way of converse, his style of story-telling, admitting his mistakes, smiling softly while talking, all makes him a good friend. I still never saw him arguing on anything with anyone, and I think he’s not of quarrelling kind. We have a big age difference but by the way who’s talking about physical ages and differences?! He’s got a practical approach, intelligent mind and tendency to grow and learn more and more about life and that’s enough. I always found him sincere, straight-forward and friendly.

And yes Maanie, you know I like your company so much…

May you have everything that you desire!

Ucheee [Usman Farooq Bangash]: (5/18/2005)

*Some people in our life are NOT JUST STUPID… They are even MORE than that.*

And luckily, I have a wonderful person in my friends, called Uchee… Usman.

Active, yet Dull;
Serious, yet extremely Funny;
Very Responsible, yet Carefree.

You cannot predict what he’s going to do next… [but still I predicted and he paid me a copper]

He’s a Sports lover… but I think if he holds a Guitar, that would suit him too.

– Smart hai… Achha hai…
– GuppaiN bhi sunaata hai…
– Friends kay saath Enjoy bhi kerta hai…
– Patta naheeN Jhoot bolta bhi hai k naheeN… mairay saath tou naheeN bolta.
– Aur Spiny “Porcupine” say tou bilkul naheeN darta [since my lecture].

And I think, he’s not a very easy person… so don’t consider that you’ll ever understand him. Just accept him as he is!!!

Wishing you all the best buddy!

Mehdi Raza: (5/18/2005)

I swear by the God, Everything and Nothing, Identified or Un-identified, that whatever I’m writing here is True to the best of my Knowledge.

English language is stupid, like every other language of the World. And Why? Because we cannot express in words what we want… and while talking about *Maddie*, I wish I must be capable enough to design some new words especially tailored for him.

Maddie is a Unique person, one of his genre.

So Soft, Decent, Pure, Natural and Everything you like to see in a good Friend.

When he listens to you, he becomes all ears; and when he speaks -just keep listening to him.

He’s a kind of person who really deserves to be loved and cared for.

I often wonders “Where have you been all my life?” I wish if I had known him many years before, then my life would’ve been a lot better and happier. He makes a wonderful company. He can make you smile… He can make you cry… He can even make you Mad!

I wish if I could ever do something for him.

Good Luck My Friend!

Hasnat Mehmood: (1/30/2005)

If you want to define what a “Friend” is, just spend some time with Hasnat.

Due to my weird nature, it’s quite hard for others to stay with me but this person is my oldest friend and I solute his Energy for being always there by my side. 🙂

If he is your friend, he would do anything… anything that Friends do. A very caring person… that if I just send him an SMS that I want to buy new socks and I can’t shop alone, he will be there straight from Lahore to Pindi.

I had an inclination towards arts but that person is really an inspiration for me. He always introduces me about the new tools and techniques that he learned. He’s very supportive in arts and a great critic of my work too. He always tells me where my work stands and he discusses new options and ideas with me.

The Greatest Friend I ever had…!!!

Ahmad Faraz: (1/26/2005)

An intelligent and intellectual person, but never boring – Just discuss anything with him and see his views. He really loves to get knowledge, read books of various kinds and it’s quite strange that he can easily quote lines after reading any book. He’s a got a great memory.

A caring Friend – Who really cares for you as a friend but is often lazy. This laziness might give an impression of carelessness but believe me, he is really a faithful buddy.

A person made of glass crystal, as I consider him. He is so pure that you sometimes see what exactly is inside him. I think it’s really hard for him to pretend. If he’s not comfortable with you, you will see it in his face. He cannot disguise his feelings, or I think he doesn’t want to.

A really kind and true person at heart… a fine friend… that’s what Faraz is.

Hasan Tanvir: (1/26/2005)

I have a friend.
His name is Hasan.
He is a very good boy.
He attends his classes regularly.
He is a sincere fellow.
He doesn’t live near my house but still is close to me…

Sit with him as a stranger… and before you stand up to say goodbye, you’ll be friends.

He’s really a sincere friend. The unique quality in him is that he would do anything to help you but he won’t even tell you that he did this and this for you. He helps his friends even more than he could.

Then, he’s so intelligent and has a positive and broader approach towards life. He’s always up to learning new things. He really loves to sit with a good company and discuss various ideas.

I real amiable and caring buddy.

Muzaffar Iqbal: (1/26/2005)

He’s the most polite person I ever met. I use to call him “Little Ashfaq Ahmed” for his style of talking and his philosophical views. Just talk to him and see for yourself. Such a sweet way of conversing. It’s the other thing that I often don’t give him chance to speak 😉

Then, his classic looks, really like a Poet or a Real artist; and yes, he is an Artist. He never cares whether he knows something or not; he just starts doing what he likes, whether it’s computer graphics or charcoal sketching. He tries whatever medium he likes.

And he’s too good kay iss say naraaz ho ker bhi mujh say rahaa naheeN jaata, so maiN nay naraazgi ka chakker he nikaal diya hai.

I have a firm belief that he’ll surely do some great stuff in future. He’s got abilities and passion. Good Luck Buddy!!!

Cashif [C4]: (1/26/2005)

He’s C for Cashif and I call him C4. He’s too good that he accepts every nick I bestow him.

He’s the person with whom I have acquaintances from the starting days of UET. We had quarrels a hundred times but then we both realized that no matter if we don’t accept each other as friends, but it’s really hard to live entirely without contacting each other. Then, we both grew up and it’s going smooth now.

He’s really HOT about India and old Indian Music. He’s really a Music freak; he knows almost everything about all the old movie songs.

Then he’s got other interests like reading, movies, shopping [+ all the things his friends do].

Then I don’t know whether it’s a bad trait or a good one that whenever he sees you doing a thing, he’ll appreciate it but mostly will add this “I can also do like this, or even better”.

He’s quite straight-forward, and sometimes, even more than desired. Similarly, he’s quite sentimental and often even more than required, so often he makes hasty decisions.

ShErrY [Ambarene]: (11/29/2004)

Even if we don’t have any common interest, still we are quite comfortable and compatible [This credit goes to ME but since it’s about Sherry, so read ME = Sherry].

A nice sharing friend… about almost every topic… Who made me realize that I’m “Knoogle” [who knows the answer of every riddle and the Poet’s name of every Poetry; again Me]…

Sherry made you [I mean Me] talk about you, your ideas…

Straight forward, no make-up, no disguise while expressing [and that’s the best part].

And sure, she’s got a great observation power and is like a spy… [Baaqi personal]

Jodi: (11/29/2004)

Original – and confident in his originality.

So mature and practical… Humorous and Serious at required times. You meet LIFE & FRIENDSHIP in his company.

The best part that I always praise, is how he follows his passions. I remember the day he came to me and asked me to help him buy a guitar [I was Ustaad-Jee that time]. But unlike most of UETian guitar owners, he never lost interest in that. He used to practice for hours alone in his room, not remembering the picking sequence of some famous songs but he started from learning the basics. He used to visit other experienced fellows [Suneel, especially] to get tips. Passion… following your dreams and struggling to make them real – This is what Jodi teaches us.

So nice fellow, a great friend, a trustworthy companion…

Lub ya’ JC…!!!

Yousaf Malik: (11/4/2004)

It’s an honor for me to say something about Yousaf.

I call him UC. The best thing about him is his “Intellect and wit”.
I’m not into judging someone’s brains by the degrees he collected, and my words are based on observations I made while living a great time with him.

Whether it’s something local or global, UC knows it. Whether it is Jennifer Aniston or Iraj Manzoor; Clark Gable or Rajesh Khanna; Woodstock Rock festival or Jagjit Sing performing live in Royal Albert Hall, Naseebo Lal or Abida Parveen, the number of planes PAF owns or the Soccer teams in the US… He knows about everything.

And from him I took inspirations that “We must know something about everything”.

Apparently, UC looks a bit care-free and junkie natured, but I know, he’s really a fine man, well groomed and most important of all, he own a mature and serious approach towards life [surprised?]. It’s only his duel personality, or I must say Multi-dimensional personality that most people only see his one part.

That’s all for now. I’ll also share the testimonials my friends have written for me some other time… 🙂

Update: The testimonials written by my friends have been uploaded here

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