Stop automatic spam messages from your Facebook account – Simple and effective way

Posted by Knonie

The Problem

Since a month or so, we have started seeing a new kind of spam messages posted on Facebook. That appears to be posted by a person, but that person denies posting it. And then, these automatic messages kept on appearing after regular intervals, and the affected person and his contacts get annoyed. Since that post also contains a website URL, which means many other users might click that and it will keep on spreading, or whatever the motives of the spammer are. Even uninstalling the browser extensions and suspicious Facebook applications doesn’t fix it.

The Reason

On closely studying, you can see that these are actually posted through Email. Facebook has lately introduced a feature called Personal Upload Email, which is an email address you can use to post Status updates, Videos, Photos etc. through email. Anything sent on that email address will be posted on your profile as an update. If some spammers get your personal Facebook Upload Email Address, they can then keep on posting their spam updates and you can do nothing to stop it.

To prevent it, you must change your Facebook Upload Email Address. PLEASE NOTE that this email is not your personal email address that you use to communicate, but another different feature offered by Facebook only for posting updates.

This is how a typical automatic spam message looks like in News Feed:

As marked with red in above image, you can see that it is posted via Email. If you cannot see anything written after Time/Date at the bottom, click the Time/Date and that post will appear in a new page, which will carry “via Email“. If you see “via Mobile Web“, or anything else other than “via Email“, then this solution is probably not for you.

The Solution

Come to your main Profile page, and just where you post your Status and other updates, click the Photo icon, as highlighted in the image below. That will expand and open another menu below. Choose Upload a Photo link.

This will change this box into upload box. Click upload via email link, as encircled in the image below:

This will open a LARGE pop-up box, with some details about how to use your Upload Email. On the right side, near the bottom, you’ll see the text saying refresh your upload email, as marked in the image. Click that link.

It will ask for your permissions to reset, and after your approval, it will show you a pop-up confirming that your Facebook Upload Email Address has been changed. Click OK.

Now, your account is free of those annoying automated posts, and the emails sent to your old Facebook Upload email by Spammers will not reach your profile.

Let’s all help keep this world Spam-Free 😉

7 Responses to “Stop automatic spam messages from your Facebook account – Simple and effective way”

  • Brandon Says:


    I just now found your site. I’ve been having trouble with this for 7 months. I have emailed both the offending site (ten times) and facebook (fourteen times). I have received no responses from either no matter what I say. I can’t get it to stop!

    Just now I went to use your method to fix it, but, now, because of the “upgrade” to timeline, this method no longer works. Is there any other way?

    Thank you in advance.


    • Knonie Knonie Says:

      Yes, this is now a bit old method and might not be valid anymore, as you know Facebook keeps on changing. Most of the times, the spam links are due to some applications that you’ve authorized to post on your profile. So be careful when allowing any suspicious application, or avoid clicking any suspicious link. Also check your authorized applications lists and remove any unwanted apps.

  • alexei Says:

    so i been having the same problem and cannot access the upload via email by the procedure you have mentioned above (same reason as what Brandon has said, new timeline). is there any other way i can stop this spam?

  • abhishek Says:

    @alexi :go to
    here the last option is for changing the email address
    refresh it and email will be changed.

    @Knonie: i had disabled all applications

    Though sent through mail is not being shown in the message i am still trying this hope it helps.

  • Tanushree Says:

    How can we do the same thing in the new timeline format?

  • swappy Says:

    It has been removed from that page, but can still be found by going to video upload, and clicking the Mobile Video tab.

  • shyam Says:
    this method works for changing post email address

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