Random thoughts, that can safely be called “Knonieism”

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This creative mind has constructed such interesting tales… Still in my memory only. I don’t know if I’d be able to recall that in the morning… I thought what if I write my random thoughts, just to see the variety my thought pattern offers.


As a kid, I used to think why some other smaller kids eat soil. I tasted it few times but it never attracted me. Although, I used to love gravels a lot… Shiny and with weird patterns. But fish is a kind of stinky thing, and I still can’t decide if we should call fish an Animal or Food…

I know that the tiny hard tube at the end of Shoelace is called Aglet, but I don’t think it matters much whether you know it or not. Sometimes, humans have enough time to create names for all these things. Everyone uses it, but perhaps no one even knows or say that name. Perhaps Faith is more important than the Title of your Religion.

By the way, raw Fish is an Animal but you can call it Food once it’s cooked.

Today, 14th March [or 3/14 if we write it in the American way], is observed as “Pi Day”. I don’t know if people actually celebrate this day. Today is the birthday of Albert Einstein too. Even if we don’t celebrate his B’day, but he surely changed our lives by his theories. Ant is a very small creature, just like Pi [π]. They help us from the background, but we never realize their importance.

You both are almost identical. Those shiny crystal eyes and such fine dark lashes… Perhaps your brains resemble too. You are growing and changing, as everyone does. And as that Holy Book mentioned and later confirmed by Einstein that the Universe is Expanding, and it is! It’s his Birthday today, by the way…

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  • Fay Tahir Says:

    That's random and feels like you are swinging from one branch to other, not caring what tree that is coming from. Pi, Ants, Fish, Aglet, Albert Einstein and Gravels ; this is originality. I just found you losing one-track where you mentioned Holy Book.

    Good job !!

  • Knonie Says:


    I offered a variety and extremes, just like my personality.
    When I looked at one matter using Scientific theories, i.e. by mentioning Einstein, then I have also mentioned the other extreme, i.e. Religious scripture… And how, sometimes, they talk about the same thing, with different interpretations. My lines doesn't suggest my inclination towards any of these extremes, though.

  • Ayesha Says:

    what do you call sushi? 😛

    • Knonie Knonie Says:

      Here’s some interesting piece of info:

      Many people think that “sushi” is synonymous with raw fish.
      Not so — the term actually refers to the vinegared rice. This is made by dissolving sugar in vinegar (usually rice vinegar) and tossing with the hot, just-cooked rice. Sushi therefore refers to vinegared rice served with other ingredients which may or may not include fish (which in turn may be raw or cooked).
      The rice itself is referred to as shari. Raw fish served by itself without the rice is called sashimi.


  • Ayesha Says:

    Allright, lemme rephrase then…
    what do you call sashimi ? 😛

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