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Today I found out that there’s so much in this life to observe, feel, understand and share…

Traveling back from work to home in a van, it was a variety I could see through the window of the last seat, that includes hundreds of different faces, each bearing an individual identity, different expressions and life stories, problems, issues and reasons of happiness, desires, dreams and fantasies. There were shops offering another variety of life. Some are selling, others are buying. Slaughtered chickens hanging, some are frying fish, welding, cleaning and dusting their shelves, having tea outside, changing tires, talking, looking for their ideal faces, cars of all types, roads of variable quality, bicycles, carts, smoke and dust, waiting, arguing, laughing, and so much I don’t even remember now, but all of this made me think that I sure need to write volumes and volumes if I ever try to note it all down, which is practically not possible, as the more you go deep into things, the more complicated they become, and at one point, it appears to you that in fact, everything that you encounter is not much different from the other and they all seems like one–that is perhaps the Whole we all collectively make.

Fox's Fruit candies over MacBook

Fox's Fruit candies over MacBook

I love variety and variations. All these scenes I mentioned above were so rich and colorful. That is perhaps the life, the society, the community, the people, to which I belong. They are people for me and I’m people for them. Together we make a society. I’m an important part of it, just like everybody else. If I want my society to improve, I must improve myself. If I want my society to get rid of this age-old habit of lying and cheating, I must get rid of these traits in me, if present. I should try to inspire them to do things that benefit the society. Inspiring someone to do something is the best way. Be good, so others also want to be like you. And ultimately, our society, our lifestyles will improve. Seems quite idealistic, but it sure is practically possible. To change the world, you need to change yourself.

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